Creative Freedom

Nov 16, 2010 10 Comments

Freedom of expression is a luxury most of us hold dear to our hearts. How you choose to express yourself is up to you. Kori Clark is a freedom loving graphic designer with a degree in interactive media. Her love for expressive independence and creativity is what motivated her to start Paper & Pigtails. After […]

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Secrets To Success

Oct 21, 2010 6 Comments

The secret to success – something we all wish to attain – it is ever present, we see it, sometimes grasp it, but never seem to completely own it. Success and its beauty lies fully in the eye of the beholder. Your measurement of it may not compare to that of another, however if you […]

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Twisting Tradition

Sep 28, 2010 No Comments

He proposes, you say yes! Everyone celebrates and now you’re left to figure out the rest. After you’ve hired the wedding planner and started organizing the many different vendors for the day, picked your dream dress, chosen your court and organized the leading-up-to events, you might come to realize it’s all been about YOU! We […]

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Making You!

Sep 08, 2010 No Comments

“Setting yourself apart,” “breaking the mold,” and “defining you.” These are all actions one wishes to take when starting a company. The question is how. The answer, depending on the person, will most likely vary. We chatted with a lady who shared her opinion on making your business identifiable, “if you recently started your own […]

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Designing Women

Sep 02, 2010 No Comments

When designing a home or interior space of any kind, one must take steps in a specific order towards the ultimate goal of completion. An overall concept is decided upon and then each element is intricately placed in harmony or contrast with the next to create a visually pleasing outcome. Andrea, Ashley and Casey make […]

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