The Wordy Girl

Aug 16, 2013 No Comments

Maria Tettamanti’s buzzworthy voice rings strong through her Miami community. A freelance journalist whose copy lands in the pages of some of the city’s powerhouse printers, Tettamanti also maintains a personal fashion and lifestyle blog called The Wordy Girl. Though not a Florida local, Tettamanti is definitely in-the-know on Miami’s social scene. Her blog reads […]

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Bringing Thigh Highs Back!

Jun 27, 2013 No Comments

When Kix’ies owner Samantha DeMartini describes her product to potential clientele, she oft hears same refrain “I love thigh high’s, but they don’t stay up!” Luckily, DeMartini’s brilliant Kix’ies are a solution to that problem. The savvy businesswoman has created every woman’s dream: thigh highs that stay high. That’s right, ladies. They don’t fall down. […]

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Sparkle & Shine

Feb 04, 2013 No Comments

For Sri Lakshmi, founder of Silver Parkes Jewelry, owning her own business is all about risk vs. payoff. “If I have a good feeling about something, I will take that risk,” Lakshmi says. Lakshmi grew up in the jewelry business. Her parents were both jewelers. “It was kind of a natural second education while growing up, […]

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Mr. Diamond

Dec 06, 2012 No Comments

“I’ve always loved jewelry,” confides Mark Lash, a businessman whose charm and selflessness have earned him a nod as’s second ever token-male entrepreneur. Despite his passion for jewelry, Lash enrolled in the science program at University of Toronto in hopes of entering the medical field. In the meantime, he carved wax as a hobby. Lash’s carefully marked […]

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Blessed by Monks

Jan 17, 2012 No Comments

To be a journalist is to tell a story. To be an artist is to create a piece which also conveys a story. Through an unexpected twist of life and the necessary twist of leather and beads, Monika Böhm-Fandiño has begun to narrate the next chapter of her life in the form of her company, LaMour Jewelry, […]

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