Hello, Charli!

Aug 03, 2010 No Comments

Looking good and feeling great!? Wish you could say that about yourself everyday? We do. This is the standard that both owners, Lisa Keppler and Michelle Gilbert, of Charli Girls live and dress up to. These two stylish ladies juggle family, children and work, while maintaining their growing clothing line. The idea of style versus […]

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Trendy At Any Age!

Jul 27, 2010 No Comments

This one’s for the kids… and their fashion-savvy moms! A spiffy looking 3 year old is just as important as his/her spiffy looking mom. This growing industry of kids fashion is not only creative and fun, but also hard work and lucrative… if done the right way. Ashley Rosenfeld is the owner of JUICE BOX, a trendy […]

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Totally Fantastic!

Jun 23, 2010 No Comments

Sometimes you hear of an idea and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” That’s exactly the response most people give, owner/designer of Miss Fanatic, Tiffany Pearl. The former Dolphin Cheerleader knows a thing or “five, six, seven, eight!” about sexy sports outfits. It took this fashionista one opportunity to find a niche in […]

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A Positive Piece

Jun 07, 2010 3 Comments

How refreshing it is to meet entrepreneurs who are realistic, economically savvy and customer friendly. This is exactly what Ana Mari Ortega, owner of MAYI Collection, is. Not only do her pieces attract all the right type of attention with their bold designs, exotic gemstones and stunning colors, but her gold-filled material, Vermeil and prices […]

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Playing Dress Up

Jun 07, 2010 No Comments

Jessica Hershey Uchuya is the owner of Jessie, a stylish boutique in South Florida. In an economy of not-such-good-times, this businesswoman is thriving and even opened a second store location on trendy Miami Beach. Jessica shares how success lies in a solid appreciation for her customers, a trusty team of employees and learning to leave […]

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