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Oct 13, 2010 1 Comment

“Making cupcakes is a family tradition, one of value and time. Nowdays people just don’t have enough hours in their weeks to cultivate this pastime.” Stacia Samartan makes a valid point when explaining one of the reasons Frosted Cupcakery came to fruition.

Stacia and her mother, Nancy Hanley are co-owners of this gourmet cupcake store based on tradition. Back in the summer of 2005 the duo decided to take their family recipes and open a store. Once business finally got under way in the fall, they decided to start developing new recipes, while still maintaining the traditional flavors of a cupcake.

Both mother and daughter had to overcome some negative feedback from friends and family. Back in 2005 the idea of a ‘gourmet cupcake’ was not as prominent and trendy as it is today. How would they sustain a business selling only cupcakes? Even more controversial was the idea of price. Prices on a pretty little cupcake can run anywhere from $1.50 to $4, depending on size and decoration. While Stacia and her mom new most of the negative critique from family was out of love, they had to ignore it. “We just believed and went all in. We knew we had a great product and would put our heart and souls into it. Our customers saw the hard work and loved the family product. People were quick to embrace our cupcakes!”

Frosted Cupcakery was first opened in the little beach community of Belmont Shore in Long Beach, California. Location was important to Stacia and her mom. After a time they moved from their 5000sq ft store to a higher traffic area and landed a 15000sq ft store. Word over this mother/daughter cupcake team quickly spread and they’ve since opened a new Frosted Cupcakery in Hollywood.

With the growing trend of the ever popular ‘gourmet cupcake’ on the rise, we wondered if the competition was hurting business. Stacia was quick to reply, “Competition is good.  One cupcake store getting noticed or press is good for the general cupcake community and it’s stores.” She has a great outlook over her competitors due to the fact that Frosted Cupcakery is easy to separate from the all other cupcake makers. Each one of Frosted Cupcakery’s delicacies is hand-frosted with a specific technique – one that is hard to learn, but has to be taught to each employee. They do not use a piping bag (the regular swirl with icing on top) that most places use. They also boast a selection of 17 different flavors everyday. Stacia is quick to remind us that although their flavors are plentiful, they remain true to traditional tastes. These ladies are baking up a delicious storm of cupcakes by keeping it “old school yummy!”

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  1. Grace says:

    Just saw on your site that you have royal white & strawberry cupcakes this month with chocolate buttercream frosting! Yummy!

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