Diving Into Design

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Men perform well to feel good about themselves; women need to feel good about themselves to perform well. This was the advice that inspired nationally-recognized swimmers Annie Babicz and Sheeva Ghanbari to dive into their passion last November – designing the first functional and fashionable competitive swimwear line for women.lo-swim

The trendily efficient line allows women to bring their personal sense of style and a new confidence into the pool. The suits combine ultra-durable fabric with adjustable elements to ensure a custom fit (among many [over our non-swimmer heads] technical features).

The young friend-turned-business-partner duo tossed their caps in 2008 (Annie from Berkeley and Sheeva from UC Davis) with a neck full of medals –their resume, however, was half as stacked. During their college career, while most students were spending long hours building a resume of internships and campus involvement, Annie and Sheeva were spending 6 long hours a day in practice, devoting their entire summers to training and bringing home the gold.


Taking their drive and determination from the pool to the real world seemed impossible as the job rejection letters piled up. Both women took part-time jobs as swim instructors at the Club at the Claremont in the Bay Area. With similar histories, they were quick to relate to each other’s struggle and the identity crisis that ensued at the hard stop of their swimming careers.

Together, the two started Lo Swim just under a year ago and the rest is a dedicated and successful tale of trial and (lots of) error, perseverance and a commitment to the sport they love.

Between researching and building relationships with factories in China, creating graphic depictions of their ideas, going back and forth with prototypes and samples and clearing all beginning-business legalities, Annie and Sheeva have come a long way since the first hand-made mockup they stitched last November.


The suits have already sold out of a many stores, especially in the Bay Area, and Annie and Sheeva are building a team of women to continue the spread of their line. They are also planning to expand their brand from swim suits to swim gear – the first piece being a swim parka. Annie says, “Even a cinched waist to the drab parkas would make for a more stylish looking swimmer, and we’re all about making women look good as they bring home the gold!”

Annie and Sheeva are happy to share their story and advice with fellow entrepreneurial and passionate women. E-mail is their favorite: Annie@LoSwim.com or Sheeva@LoSwim.com

See the line at www.LoSwim.com!

Written by: Stacy Tasman

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