A Breath of Fresh Hair

Dec 27, 2010 1 Comment

Having a green thumb isn’t only for gardeners. Cindy French, the owner of Zen Zen salon, located in North Miami Beach, Florida, is helping to revolutionize the hair care world with her going green mentality. She demonstrates the importance of using completely organic products that don’t damage or deteriorate your hair.zen-zen-salon

As an experienced professional in the salon industry, Cindy noticed that the conventional methods of hair care were taking a toll on client’s locks. “This inspired me to set out on a search for new techniques and products that eliminated the harmful aspects of dying and treating hair.”

In a bottle of a conventional hair product, the formula contains very harsh chemicals on your scalp, like ammonia. These chemicals allow for one bottle to complete an all purpose treatment procedure at one time. Because your hair absorbs all of the harmful chemicals at once, it causes the quality of the hair to become damaged very quickly. However, in organic products, like the ones used at Zen Zen salon, the harsh chemicals aren’t used in the formula. This causes it to not have enough strength to complete the full hair process in one step, but in three separate ones. Allowing for breathing room in between steps, the use of organic products on hair prevents breakage and deterioration, further assisting in making your head of hair healthier and happier.


To the Zen Zen salon, their concentration on the health of their client’s hair is the most important aspect of their company. Although they use both regular and organic products, they are focused on spreading their going green mentality to all of their clients. “The best part of having a mixed product salon is that the clients who haven’t considered using organic products, and go for normal hair treatment, become organically informed and end up switching over to the use of healthier treatments.”

To Cindy, the spread of knowledge on the effects of organic hair products is crucial. She believes that the one-on-one relationship that she has with her clients sets her apart from any ordinary salon. She also believes that the secret to her success is bringing good energy to the workplace. “My favorite aspect of owning a salon is making my clients feel good about themselves. Everyone possesses certain gifts that make them beautiful. It’s my job to bring out those gifts in them and uplift their spirits.”


Being a “fearless warrior” has been Cindy’s recipe for success in starting her own business. She stresses the importance of letting go of fear, and the ability to believe in yourself. “You have to believe that you’re going to touch someone in the most positive way and know that everything’s going to be fine in the end.”

French’s innovative approach to hair care is a breath of fresh air. Her unique salon techniques help open our eyes to the importance of digging deeper into what’s really in the products that we put into our hair. So, immerse yourself – head first – into a newfound outlook on the beauty world.

Written by: Blair Cassuto



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