Baked Beauty

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“Cookies by Shar… dazzling to the eye and delicious to taste!” – need we say more?

Sharmila Melwani is the creative owner of Cookies by Shar. When her daughter turned 1 year old she was disappointed in some cookie favors she ordered and was motivated to try her hand at baking. Shar explains, “I read every book related to the subject [baking] and started experimenting with it.”


This online store started about 6 years ago and ships nationwide. Shar’s cookies can also be found at Whole Foods Super Market and Epicure Gourmet Market & Café. These decorated treats make any event memorable and can even be ordered by collection, such as Indian Elephants, Garden Animals, and Under The Sea.

Shar’s first few steps to starting her company consisted of finding a commercial kitchen to work out of, getting all her licensing in order, hiring staff to help, sourcing her supplies at wholesale prices, and finally nailing down the recipes that worked the best for her.


When asked how she learnt to make such gorgeous cookies, Shar shared, “I just started looking at pictures, books etc. Getting a recipe as the base from a professional baker and then PRACTICED A LOT!!! I don’t think there’s any way around this process.” Clearly, her own creative mind and ability play a huge hand in her company’s success.

To date, this beautiful baker has invested in her own signature packaging which she’ll tell you was costly, but she wanted something that was hers and a signature to the company. Cookies by Shar has received many exciting opportunities that Shar feels were due to natural progression. “I feel like if you do all the right things to lay the foundation for your company, the rest will happen. I also do a lot of corporate work and send cookies as Holiday gifts on behalf of companies etc. This is also a good source of business for me.”


Cleary, Shar works hard. She encourages fellow and future business owners to not “beat yourself up if everyone doesn’t love your product!”

cookies-by-sharAfter all nothing worth having ever came easy and she’s had her share of tough times. As soon as the holiday season rears it’s happy head, the stress sets in. “It just seems there are not enough hours in the day or days in the week to complete our work, so emotions run high.” Shar continues to express how important it is to have the right team supporting her, especially during busy times.

Now that the holiday season is quickly approaching Shar has been eagerly preparing new product lines to stay ahead of the competition. Go pick up your Ginger Bread man, Christmas Tree or Hanukah Star!

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