Esthetician on a Mission

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Amy Grossman

Amy Grossman, owner of Beauty On Premise, truly is an esthetician on a mission.  The passionate new business owner is dedicated not just to healing clients, but to educating them as well. “The idea is to educate women on skincare and anti-aging,” Grossman says of her business, which she characterizes as not a spa or salon but a boutique.

Grossman cites personal experience as the inciter for founding her business. A busy career woman, Grossman tells Interviewher she kept getting promoted into jobs she didn’t want. Busy and stressed, Grossman’s skin suffered. And she didn’t have the time to fix it. So Grossman traded in her office keys for notebooks and fluorescent lights: she went back to school to earn her degree as an esthetician and in the meantime, created a business plan and began collecting nickels, dimes and pennies.

Determined to not start her new career in debt, Grossman tells Interviewher she surfaced every piece of loose change in her house – amounting to a grand total of $3,700, and, combined with her savings and her credit card, she was able to fund Beauty on Premise.

The first two weeks of business were slow. But Grossman combined her marketing savvy and passion to bring new clientele in while getting Beauty On Premise’s name out.  Grossman put ads on Craigslist asking for models to come in so she could practice her services on them. When they left, she gave them a voucher and encouraged them to refer friends. She was the “skin and lash lady” to everyone she met – from conferences she attended to people she bumped into at the store. Grossman made a strong marketing plan that incorporated social media, and has stuck to that plan to this day.

Now, Grossman’s been in business for two years and has owned her own retail location for nine months. And what’s more, Grossman tells Interviewher, her business improves daily. However, this passionate entrepreneur is not content to ride the tails of her current success. She constantly pushes to bring new technology to her business. “I want my clients to know I’m on the cutting edge of all the advanced technologies and we can offer that to them,” Grossman says.

Grossman’s passion for keeping her business up to date is only part of her business’ mission. Beauty On Premise allows the busy woman to have great skin care at a reasonable rate. The boutique’s hours are flexible, so the workingwoman can fit a skincare session into her busy day. Grossman tells Interviewher “I have more important things to do with my life than spend it in the bathroom washing my face,” and she knows her clients feel the same way. In her opinion, the most important thing is to whittle down each woman’s skin care routine so it’s accessible, easy and affordable. She says most clients don’t have the time, money or are just plain overwhelmed by the plethora of product out on the market.


It’s Grossman’s mission to find the perfect skincare regimen for each client, and to provide skincare treatments that aren’t harmful to the skin, as so many products can be.

Grossman’s main rule of thumb for female entrepreneurs is to trust their guts. She says it’s important for her to always remind herself why she started her business in the first place, and to always make every decision with that in mind. And for this esthetician on a mission, her personal satisfaction is rooted in her customer’s content. “I create happiness one facial at a time,” says Grossman. “I want everyone to put their best face forward.”

Written by: Mary Ronau


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