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When curiously looking up the word “fox” we found your obvious descriptions for this carnivorous dog-like animal, after reading a bit further we stopped at “a cunning or crafty person.” Meet Tobi Salver, the curious and cunning person who owns the online vintage boutique, Fox House.fox-house

Following a trip around the world – Japan, Thailand, Africa, Brazil, Cuba – and finishing her studies at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Tobi lived a few
years in Los Angeles’ art and fashion scenes before returning to Miami and discovering her career path.

“I want women who shop at Fox House to feel ready and confident to conquer what they set out to do!” says this fabulous vintage fanatic. She’s doing a great job. One of our favorite features on the boutique website is “shop this look” tab. In the event you have no idea how to put these on-of-a-kind pieces together, the team at My Fox will help you out. “At Fox House, young women have the option to buy amazing articles of clothing, both new and vintage, in one destination. We are a one stop shop for all your needs, whether you’re looking for that great winter vintage sweater, killer new pair of leggings, or great knuckle ring – you can do it all.”


Tobi realized her knack for finding apparel gems and vintage pieces after working in the wardrobe department on a few film sets in L.A. She had to work miracles with low budgets and would regularly hit the thrift stores, antique markets and estate sales. “I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My father started his own accounting firm and my grandfather was also a retail storeowner. He had a shoe store on Miami Beach for many years called La Princessa. My grandfather continues to inspire me in life and career.”


It isn’t easy finding vintage valuables and Tobi tells us, “It takes hours of rummaging to find that one great piece. I do have an eye for great finds and if I spend the rest of my life shopping for vintage clothing I’ll die a happy woman.” She has no specific method to her madness. Time is her greatest tool and she uses most of it to search through hundreds of pieces in order to find her diamond in the rough. “I get my new items from many different sources, some being wholesale warehouses here in Miami, others are online distributors. I’m also excited to be adding the labels MINKPINK, Insight, and Alternative Apparel to our online store!”


Ok, we can clearly see this vintage vixen has made her success, but what was the first step? “The first step was filing for a business license. Once you get this and your tax I.D. number it’s really about finding the product and getting it up on the site. Considering I did everything from conception to competition, it was hard work. I did the layout of the website, to the graphic design and corporate I.D. All the photography and styling of the photo shoots for the site, as well as the buying of all clothing and accessories was done by myself.” Anything done online can be tricky and has its hang-ups. Tobi even had intruders hack into her database and almost destroy everything she had worked towards. Luckily, she had completed an automatic backup the night before and was able to salvage her online business.


Most of the time, when it comes to producing your own company, starting is the hardest part. In Tobi’s words, “there is no time like the present!” She urges her fellow females to not put off another day and take initiative. “I think the reason Fox House is gaining recognition and success is because it’s unique to find a store that can offer you one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, as well as new clothing from independent labels. Miami is blossoming when it comes to indie fashions and alternative clothing. We the market, but its people need the resources… that’s where Fox House comes in.”


Toby and her business have great taste and absolutely fabulous finds. If you are new to the wonderful world of vintage and how to wear it, she leaves us with this, “My advice to is start small. Get a vintage item that is easy to pair with newer pieces. A vintage piece of jewelry, a vintage blazer, or pair of shoes would be good first purchases. It’s really more about how you piece things together, as opposed to the actual items themselves. I wouldn’t recommend doing head to toe vintage. Bring vintage items into your outfit to make it unique… just don’t over do it.”
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