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Meet Julie Rabbani, at this moment she is feeding the masses, cornering the market and nurturing the apparent niche. Now, try to fathom how she’s doing it. As the editor in chief of Bayfront Magazine, Julie is a force to be reckoned with. She is single handedly conquering the South Florida magazine industry, one feature at a time.bayfront-magazine

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in fashion design and marketing, and then getting married, her life was thrown for a loop when she had to move to Florida. It was in this sunny city she decided to, “pursue a new endeavor.” The fashion industry in South Florida is not as flourishing as its palm trees, so Julie decided to head back to school and complete a three year masters degree in fashion photography. However, fashion photography was not the only new endeavor decided upon, it’s just part of her much greater picture.

Several freelance photography jobs later, Julie realized how few fully fashion focused magazines Florida had to offer. Sure, there are your big name publishers pulling weight, but each one clearly states they’re a ‘lifestyle magazine’, which entitles them to encompass many topics.

bayfront“Bayfront Magazine is focused on all of South Florida and eventually we plan to go national. We want to compete with great magazines such as, Elle, Vogue, Glamour…” Julie goes on to explain how the magazine always has a celebrity on the cover with a full spread and article. There’s another entertainment section that interviews upcoming designers, artists, photographers etc. When informing readers of global news, the creative minds behind this magazine are quick to relate such stories back to fashion, i.e. the recent oil spill makes for an informative and creative spread featured in the last Bayfront edition. This is just another way Julie is, “teaching the masses through art!”

“The magazine industry is so complicated; there are many different departments and people you have to deal with.” This being said, Julie makes sure she’s involved in every article. She oversees every idea and/or concept; these then get delegated to their respective department heads. The magazine currently employs an art director, a fashion news director, an accessories editor, photographer and some choice writers.


While the magazine didn’t appear overnight (it took 8 months to publish the first edition), it has rapidly risen above the masses and is now produced quarterly. The amount of positive feedback about the magazine is overwhelming. “The whole magazine started with an idea shared between my husband and I. I have knowledge for the market and saw a niche. I know what people in the demographic we are appealing to want to read. South Florida, in general, has so much talent and it isn’t being fully recognized due to the state of our economy and its lack of jobs… so I am able to publish this talent and the people who produce it.”

“I am determined to print quality and these talented people want to be apart of it. When we started I thought we’d just be a little magazine in Naples for some time. However, word spread fast. Yesterday, Source Interlink (one of the biggest distribution companies in the U.S.) let me know Barnes & Nobles and Borders accepted us for distribution.”


Quality in her magazines is a priority for Julie, but the actual material Bayfront Magazine is printed on, also needs to be superior. After doing some research Robbani got what she wanted. She found a local printing company that has won many notable awards and worked with some major South Florida magazines. She is able to see the mock-ups and/or proofs firsthand before printing the final product. Fifty percent of the people and talent apart of Bayfront magazine are local the other fifty are spread between New York and Los Angeles.

At the moment the magazine creates income via advertisers, online subscriptions, and specific vendors. Most of this revenue goes towards the printing and producing of the hardcopy product.


Working 24/7, around the clock is what sets Julie apart from her competition. Hard work combined with a great personality makes this self-professed “fashionista” successful. “I’m a people person when I want to be. I’m fun to work with and out going. I know what I want and make sure it gets done, but in a nice way. I make sure not to ask anyone to do anything they don’t want to.” She also has two small children with her supportive husband, but makes sure to keep work and family separate.

While Julie encourages entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, she stresses how important it is to do research before perusing any endeavor. Diving into anything too quickly is never a smart idea, especially if one is not financially stable and with out a supportive team. However, if done the correct way, you too could be running a company that appeals to the masses and nurtures a niche no one else had seen.

Written by: Bridgette


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