Hello, Charli!

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Looking good and feeling great!? Wish you could say that about yourself everyday? We do. This is the standard that both owners, Lisa Keppler and Michelle Gilbert, of Charli Girls live and dress up to.charli-girls

These two stylish ladies juggle family, children and work, while maintaining their growing clothing line. The idea of style versus comfort is a thing of the past, and they have uniquely marketed a line of clothing that encompasses both. By using soft luxurious fabrics they have created a sophisticated/boho look everyone is cashing in on.

When and how did you two meet?

M&L: We met through a personal trainer over 10 years ago.

Tell us the story on the motivation behind starting your own company.

M&L: Both of us are moms, and we were really just looking for a new adventure. We had always been in the workforce, and somehow connected to the fashion industry, and it was the first time that we weren’t working. It was great timing for us to start a new project together.

Why did you name your company Charli Girls?

M&L: When we started importing the brand Charli London, it was really an underground thing, but when our friends and other women would see one of us wearing our “Charli” it became kind of a secret society. People would ask, “Are you a Charli Girl?” or “Do you know Charli?” We started using it as a marketing slogan, and it stuck. Now, everyone wants to be a “Charli Girl.”

What was the most difficult thing about starting your company and how did you get through it?

M&L: The most difficult thing was juggling our personal lives with our business, and figuring out how to make the most of our schedule. We got through it with some serious time management… which we’re still working to this day.

Did you ladies go to fashion school?

M&L: Michelle attended FIT and studied Fashion Merchandising, while Lisa received an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Georgetown University.

Describe what type of clothing and style you ladies offer.

M&L: We offer luxurious basics, as well as, chic occasional pieces that suit women from late twenties to their sixties. It’s all about being effortlessly sophisticated. We choose complimentary colors and cuts to make people feel great in what they’re wearing.

How often do you hold fashion shows?

M&L: We hold them once or twice a year, with private trunk shows and exclusive events in between.

What do you look for in the type of cloth you choose?

M&L: We look for patterns and clothing that are special. We don’t want run of the mill pieces that you would see two or three of when you go out the mall. It has to be stylish, and of course, comfortable.

Besides your online boutique, where else can we find your pieces?

M&L: Charli is available at Rebel, the Fountainebleu, and three Ritz Carlton locations: Key Biscayne, Bachelor Gulsch, and Kapalua.

Describe your typical customer.

M&L: Our typical Charli Girl is anything but typical, however, some common characteristics are someone who loves to look sophisticated without sacrificing comfort. We cater to women ages 30-60, entrepreneurs, moms, and all around fabulous women.

Can both of you describe your personalities and what it takes to share a company.

M&L: The reason our business relationship has been so successful is because we complement and balance each other. Where one of us might lack, the other more than makes up for it. Michelle’s personality is over-the-top fabulous, friendly, and full of energy. Her bohemian style and funky aesthetic helps people experiment with new styles and accessories. Lisa is the risk taker of the two with a very organized, professional business sense.  Lisa focuses on the day-to-day operations of Charli Girls, while Michelle manages the client experience. But both will admit when they go into a store, they have the same taste in clothes, which makes buying for Charli Girls a breeze.

Thinking back to… how did you motivate each other?

M&L: We went to the gym, and kicked some ass!

Do you feel that you both have reached the success level you always dreamed of?

M&L: Not yet. We still have a lot of growing to do.

What do you love most about having this company?

M&L: FREE CLOTHES! Just kidding. We really love empowering other women through fashion, and helping them to look and feel their best.

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