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Sarah Wilson discovered her love for art while studying at the University of Michigan’s art and design program for metal work and jewelry design. Now a jewelry designer for the past ten years, her unique accessory collection, Fashletics, has gained recognition as a matchless approach to feeling fit and fabulous! Since always being interested in athletics and sports, Sarah’s passion for her hobby grew with every passing day. When moving from Michigan to Miami, she dived into fitness training for triathlons. At these events, Wilson began to form a group of tight knit friends whom she made little jewelry pieces for to celebrate their hard work and dedication. These accessories started to gain enormous amounts of recognition and praise by her close friends, causing Sarah to take it more seriously. In April of 2009, Fashletics was granted an opportunity to showcase her designs at a Cross Fit event. Although just a tiny booth, everyone seemed to flock to her inspirational ideas. This enormous positive response gave Sarah the confidence to continue it for more than a hobby.

Starting off with four main designs, Wilson decided that making a website on her own would be a step in the right direction. “I always try to initially do everything on my own,” Sarah explains, “That way, if I realize I need to hire someone else, I know how it should be done and how I want it done. It gives you more control as a business owner.” The most important thing about starting a company that you love is the amount of passion you put into it. Sarah has demonstrated that passion by channeling her love for working out with her adoration towards jewelry.


Not only does Sarah sculpt each carving out of wax through a process called wax casting, but she is in charge of every aspect of design and production before it gets sent to a production company to be manufactured. Finding a company to produce her work was nothing short of a tough feat. “Everything is a learning process,” Sarah tells Interview Her, “I found this company I’m working with now just by being in the industry for so long and experiencing everything myself.” Since everything is done in the United States, Sarah does highlight the importance of being on the same page with the people you’re working with in all aspects. “There is no textbook way of doing anything, you have to take it slowly and see what works and what doesn’t,” Sarah explains.

In addition to Fashletics, Sarah has another jewelry company called Mushka Designs ( With this line, Sarah is able to explore her more feminine side and showcase to a more general market. “One thing I love about being an artist is the freedom and creative process,” Sarah tells Interview Her, “It’s always interesting and exciting, and exactly why I didn’t go to law school.” Through these two jewelry lines, Wilson is able to explore both her feminine and athletic sides zealously.

Although frustrating at times, Sarah explains that every experience- good or bad- had taught her lessons to further her career. “The school I went to was more fine arts oriented, rather than business oriented,” she explains, “When I got out of college it was all trial and error to learn how to manage my own business.” Sarah also broadened her knowledge of this competitive business by working for several designers as an apprentice. “By watching these different designers I was able to see what I did and didn’t want to do in my own business,” Sarah tells Interview Her, “You can’t copy someone else’s business plan, you still have to have your own ideas and put your own touch into it- that’s what makes you stand out.”

With Fashletics, Sarah is able to compete in athletic events while representing her company at the same time. Due to the fact that this line is geared to a very specific market, it’s easier to advertise your ideas to the people at the sporting events because they seem to be more open and receptive. “During these events, I usually compete and throughout the event I have a booth,” Sarah dishes, “It’s a wonderful way to get feedback from people who are interested in athletics to see what they like and dislike. The Cross Fit community is very supportive, excited, and close knit, so they are able to give a more honest and opinion opinion.”

Every company goes through trials and tribulations that allow them to grow in various ways. Sarah explains that sometimes it can get so exhausting that you just want to give up. However, staying strong through difficult times is what builds character, a principle Fashletics is founded upon. “The best thing my parents had ever taught me was to do something you love,” explains Sarah, “Also, you have to surround yourself with people that you know will encourage you to keep yourself going. Positive influences help a lot.”

Fashletics hopes to inspire people to celebrate their inner athlete. “At the end of the day, this brand is about rewarding yourself and your commitment to being fit,” Sarah tells Interview Her, “It’s all about making people feel good at the end of the day.” Wilson’s main concern is knowing that she is apart of the experience of helping remind people what they overcame through her moving jewelry. “I try to represent what my brand is trying to convey; I love it, and you can’t fake that.”


Written by: Blair Cassuto






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