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If these invitations could cheer, they’d scream, “I’m fun, I’m cute, I’m popular to boot!”

Crafty business owners, Aledia and Chantal, operate out of Davie, FL. They currently do every little girl’s dream job; they make “pretty”. After opening their store entitled Stylish Invitation Designs, the ladies have expanded from just designing unique invitations to supplying cake toppers, favor boxes, creative gift wrappings, imprintables and sweet treats. Once you arrive at this creative store, it’ll be hard to leave.

    Are you two Stylish Invitation ladies related? If not, how did you meet?

    A&C: Aledia and I met through a mutual family member.

    Why did you decide to partner up?

    A&C: Aledia and I collaborated on creating invitations for family and friends for special events. We created some beautiful invitations and decided that we would take this to a different level.

    What were you both doing before you opened Stylish Invitation Designs?

    A&C: Aledia was a banking industry analyst and Chantal a school teacher.

    How long ago did you two meet?

    A&C: We met over 15 years ago.

    How long did it take you to find the right location for your store?

    A&C: It literally took us five minutes! A colleague suggested a couple locations for rent, this was the first place we looked at and we just knew that this was it!

    What were the determining factors on finding the perfect location?

    A&C: A huge determining factor was visibility. We wanted people to be able to see us off a major street. Our boutique faces Stirling Road and it is a very busy street!

    Do you get a lot of foot traffic?

    A&C: We do get foot traffic. We love it when we hear, “I was driving by and I saw your boutique” or “a friend was driving by and she saw your boutique”. Visibility. Mission accomplished!

    During the process of opening up shop, what was the most time consuming step?

    A&C: The most time consuming process of opening our boutique was redecorating. The boutique literally had white walls and gray carpet. We looked at it as a clean canvas. Since we started our business at home, we had nothing and started from scratch. Our French style, shabby chic look took time to create because we literally had to hand paint some of our furnishings in order to achieve the look we wanted.

    What would you do differently if you had to start over?

    A&C: If we had to start over again, we would not change a single thing. We have absolutely no regrets. We have learned from all of our experiences.

    How do you advertise?

    A&C: We advertise in magazines, church bulletins, Google ad words, public relations, e-newsletters and the best advertisement “word of mouth”!

    What roles do each of you play?

    A&C: We both wear different hats, but we sometimes have to play the same role. We both share different strengths and weaknesses that compliment the relationship.

    How much money would you say someone who would like to open up a similar company may need to open up a similar shop (excluding rent?)

    A&C: Approximately $25k

    What do you look for when hiring vendors?

    A&C: We look for unique, quality, classic yet stylish products that convey our sense of style.

    Do you make any of you own products? If so, what are they?

    A&C: A product that we can create for a customer is a custom invitation that is completely tailored to their event. It is a distinct alternative to mass-produced invitations: completely personalized, hand-assembled custom invitations printed on the finest paper.

    What have you each learned about partnering up with someone for a business?

    A&C: It is a give and take! It is about comprising and understanding one another!

    Which services did you offer when you first opened up your shop?

    A&C: When we first opened the boutique, we were offering only custom invitations. We started to receive a demand for invitations out of albums and imprintable invitations. We were quite selective when choosing albums for our boutique because we still wanted them to reflect a custom look.

    In detail, please describe your company to us.

    A&C: Stylish Invitation Designs Paperie & Bakerie, a customized design boutique, offers a distinct alternative to mass-produced invitations: completely personalized, hand-assembled invitations printed on the finest paper. In addition to showcasing a highly impressive collection of invitation styles from DIY (do it yourself) to imprintables. Our boutique and website also feature favor boxes, cake toppers, gifting options, embellishments such as ribbon and Swarovski Crystals, and the South Florida sensation, Misha’s cupcakes (the boutique is the only Broward County location where the cupcakes are sold.) We sell decadent gourmet toffee that has our clients raving and using as bridal and party favors.

    Our boutique and website also keeps clients abreast of the latest trends, events, and happenings in invitation and favor designs.

    To ensure that each and every custom invitation reflects the vision of the occasion, Chantal and Aledia personally collaborate with clients, providing guidance regarding available papers and colors, various printing options, and wedding stationery etiquette. Each custom invitation is slightly unique and inspected as it is being created, to make certain that it meets the highest quality standards.

    DIY clients can create their own invitations, programs, menus, place cards, table numbers, tent cards, and other products with Stylish Invitation Designs’ quality paper, printing styles and embellishments, while saving 25 percent or more off the cost of professionally prepared products. Our clients have the option to create their own graphic design, print the pieces on a home computer or take them to a printer, order paper and cut it to their desired dimension, and assemble the pieces with a variety of embellishments. Favor boxes are also available in colors coordinating with the invitations as party favors.

    Our online store’s full line of stationery products includes wedding invitations, birth announcements, adult and children’s party invitations and stationery, holiday photo cards, gift enclosures and stickers, luggage tags, and much more.

    What should we look forward to seeing in the near future with Stylish Invitation Designs?

    A&C: We look forward to expanding our Paperie and Bakerie line with a range of new DIY lines and unique sweet treats to tickle new palettes.

    What differentiates you from your competitors?

    A&C: Those looking to “wow” invitees with their very own design on invitations and other pieces can do so with flair, thanks to the DIY (Do It Yourself) featured at our boutique!

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