So Fresh & So Fabulous!

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There’s no day more fabulous in a girl’s life than her wedding day. It starts with endless hours of planning, prepping, parents, and panicking! Wait, what was that?

Nikol Johnson – AKA successful retired FORD model- is woman on a mission to make sure “her day” stays that way. While there might be chaos and calamity surrounding the bride-to-be, Nikol Johnson and her team at Fresh Beauty Studio strive to make the “future Mrs.” feel 100% beautiful and at ease before she takes the plunge, and walks down the isle.

    Did you open Fresh Beauty Studio during or after modeling?

    NJ: I opened Fresh Beauty Studio after I stopped modeling.

    When did you open your Fresh Beauty Studio?

    NJ: I opened FBS in the fall of 2006

    Did modeling have anything do with your idea to open up this gorgeous place?

    NJ: I think my modeling career has had a large impact on Fresh Beauty Studio. Since I traveled the world when I was a model, I fell in love with certain styles and cities. I’ve incorporated all that into the décor of FBS.

    Was Fresh Beauty Studio everything you thought it would be?

    NJ: Fresh Beauty Studio is everything and more than I thought it would be.

    What exactly did you want your studio to be when you first opened?

    NJ: I wanted FBS to be a place where brides and women could come and leave feeling beautiful, while building their self-confidence.

    How were you describing Fresh Beauty Studio to people then?

    NJ: I didn’t really describe FBS to anyone in the building-out phase.

    What services do you provide and what are the most popular ones?

    NJ: FBS provides everything from on location bridal makeup and hair, to Xtreme Lashes, facials and waxing. The most popular services are on location bridal makeup and Xtreme Lashes.

    Since the beginning, what service changes/general changes have you made?

    NJ: I am always adding new services or monthly specials to our posh treatment menu and our website.

    What have you learned about employees and hiring people?

    NJ: I have learned that finding a great team takes years. I am so blessed to have them now, but it took a long time to reach this goal.

    Do you think your company is successful? How do you describe success?

    NJ: I think Fresh Beauty Studio is extremely successful; I describe success with how our clients are impacted by our services, the feedback and sales growth over the years.

    Have you read any good books that have helped you become the successful women you are today?

    NJ: I buy books on Amazon almost every month that have something to do with women entrepreneurs. My favorite is Entrepreneur In Heels.

    How do you find your brides or how do they find you?

    NJ: Most of our brides are from word of mouth. We do advertise on The Knot and Style Me Pretty.

    Do you work only in Ft. Lauderdale? Do you travel with your brides?

    NJ: We are a national and international, on location, bridal hair and makeup studio. We did an amazing Indian wedding in Birmingham, AL last October and we are always flying to the Bahamas for our brides.

    What has been the most exciting place you have traveled to for your company?

    NJ: I love this tiny island in the Bahamas called Harbour Island. The island is one of my favorite locations for a wedding so far with FBS.  It’s so romantic and charming.

    What is the most memorable moment you’ve had with a client?

    NJ: It’s amazing to experience; all the emotion that our brides go through from the first time they see their dad to when they’re about to walk down the isle. They’re all memorable and unique to each bride.

    Was there ever a time you just felt like quitting?

    NJ: There are always rough spots in owning your own company. You have to be in it for the long run and tell yourself that tomorrow you are going to work smarter, not harder. It’s a marathon not a sprint as the saying goes.

    Do you think you are a tough boss?

    NJ: I know what I want and how my company should be represented from the first phone call to the follow up. I am tough because I expect the best and I want the best for my clients.

    How do you describe your personality?

    NJ: I am bold, outgoing, passionate and driven.

    How did you think of the name Fresh Beauty Studio?

    NJ: I wanted something that was different. A name that would be simple, yet to the point. Fresh is what makeup should be and look like, so I ended up creating Fresh Beauty Studio after weeks of saying names out loud.

    What is the best selling product in your boutique?

    NJ: Our Pink “Soon to be Hitched” bridal hoodies.

    How do you market the products in your boutique?

    NJ: I market my boutique products online and through my blog, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

    What do you LOVE the most about your company?

    NJ: I love the fact that I built this whole studio with just one other person. I cut the wood for the floors, primed, painted learned out to change electrical outlets you name it. When I walk through the doors of my studio everyday I think, “WOW! I did this.” It’s such a wonderful feeling.

    What is the biggest mistake you have ever made as a business owner?

    NJ: I don’t think there has been one huge mistake. Sometimes, I have ideas that I jump on, but should probably take a little more time thinking about them.

    What great and exciting things can we expect from Fresh Beauty Studio this year?

    NJ: Fresh Beauty Studio is always creating and developing. An example is our partnership with a super sexy company out of LA called Booty Parlor. We have monthly “girls only” parties in the studio featuring sexy vendors, great products, raffles and lots of laughs.

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