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It’s the 21st Century, and what does that mean? PARTY!!!  From different invites you receive on facebook from strangers, to Bravo’s seasonal show staring the “Go to” event planner.  We are a social society, who knows how to have a good time! We always seem to find a reason to celebrate; whether it’s celebrating the commitment two people vowed to each other, or a young girl becoming a woman in society.  But who do we go to when we decide to host the party? None other than, Randee Wechsler at Atlas Party Rental in South Florida: A one stop shop for all your party rental needs.

Randee Wechsler, owner of Atlas Party Rental

Atlas party Rental is a family owned rental store opening its doors in 1984, becoming one of the most sought after rental companies in South Florida.  Owner, Randee Wechsler, makes sure to always stay on top of the latest trends. She has an art and love for her clients and the business, although this wasn’t always her initial plan of action.


atlas-party-rentalAs Randee stated to, “the business started on a whim”. Her parents decided to move down to Florida so they can retire, however, this did not last for long. Randee’s father woke up one day and said, “He was bored.” Inspired by his best friend’s rental company in NY, he decided to open one up in Florida. Here there was no competition at the time. They decided to create a “nitch for themselves” in the North Broward area which was booming in 1984.

In 1998  Randee’s  father decided to retire. At the time, Randee was living in New York streaming up the event planning business, while her husband was in finance real-estate. Wanting to keep the biz in the family; Randee and her husband decided to move down to Florida, where they immediately took over.

“We took it into the 21st Century”, Wechsler said. They are clearly doing a remarkable job. Theatlas-party-rental website is extremely classy and up-to-date. One of the first rental company sites where customers can use a Shopping Cart to place the items they want; making them a contemporary, internet-friendly, rental company.

Atlas is your “one stop shop” for all your party rental needs. Everything from kitchen fryers and dishes, to tables and linens can be found here. “We can put down an entire dance floor”, as Randee said to

What’s their secret formula to having such success in the industry? Personalization. Every client gets the personalized touch they are looking for when planning their special day, making these clients come back each and every time. Randee makes sure to always be available to her clients at all times, and will even make personnel visits if requested. Atlas Party Rental’s goal is to never disappoint their clients. Customer service is their main priority.

Not being a stranger to the economical recession in 2008, Randee and her staff have had to learn to deal with new ways to keep the company afloat and understand what works and what doesn’t for them. Having to downsize the company and take certain risks was one of the scariest moments the company has seen; however they made sure to never steer far from their priority which is Customer Service. Overcoming these and many more obstacles has, made this company what it is today.


“So what’s next for Atlas Rental Company?” asks They are thinking of expanding to other parts of Florida. “It’s a slow and careful growth”, Randee says. Surely they are headed in the right path.

If you’d like more information on Atlas Rental Company and their unique rental equipment please go to and check it out!

As a special treat to, Randee was kind enough to sponsor the rentals for the “Ultimate Holiday Girls Night Out” event. A huge thank you to Randee and her staff for their outstanding service.


Written by: Monika Paez


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