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A lot goes a long way! As is the case for Sheryl Clark, President and CEO of online women’s clothing company, Boston Proper. We could briefly summarize what makes this lady a true businesswoman, but we’d never do her justice. Sheryl has 23 years of experience in the fashion industry and her resume boasts executive level positions at Bloomingdale’s, Old Navy and the Gap. She’s worked with leading men and women whom she insists have made and inspired her to be the innovative leader she is today. After an interactive interview filled with passion, hard work and kind spirit we’re still taking in all her life lessons and advice.sheryl

Success is a word that can be interpreted in many different ways. It’s up for grabs and entirely depends on the achiever. The degree to which success can be measured varies depending on the person and/or career. We asked Sheryl to share what she felt made her so successful in the fashion industry and she shared some of her reasons for success with us. “I have a strong sense of both the creative and the product, so I bring both sides of this [fashion] business to the table. My ability has been fostered and nurtured through working with such great and talented people at the Gap and Old Navy.”

While speaking with Sheryl we knew it was more than just head knowledge that’s got her so far. She had the most pleasing and friendly demeanor and we immediately felt comfortable getting to know her. Her passion for her work and her employees was extremely evident. “I’ve always been a passionate person and it’s part of my success because it brings people in. People like to follow others who have a vision and a passion or who just feel very strongly about something; they want to jump on the bus with this person who has point of view and drive!”

Sheryl went on to explain that as part of her appreciation for the people she works with she makes it a point to get to know everyone by name. To this day she still sets aside time bi-weekly to make sure her employee’s are getting what they need; both personally and professionally. “Building a connection with my team and wanting them to be successful makes them want me to be successful, and in turn the company too.”

This CEO is highly motivated by the empowerment of her female customer’s through Boston Proper’s product. “We are giving women between the ages of 35 – 55 the self-confidence, power and all around feeling of greatness through our products. Our clothes hold some key words; age appropriate, flattering, elegant, sexy, but still fun! We are an age group that is getting older, but we still want to look good and feel comfortable. We want to look sophisticated, self-assured, daring and sensuous… not like our thirteen-year-old daughters. If through Boston Proper I can make women to feel great and self-empowered then I am reaching one of my many goals. It really makes me happy!”

If you need another reason to start shopping online at Boston Proper here it is…  the “Proper Guarantee.” The company stands behind it’s product 100% and if at ANY point you are dissatisfied with your product you can return it. That is the Boston Proper “Proper Guarantee.” Sheryl continues, “I think this [The Proper Guarantee] takes away that barrier that most women have with online stores. Our shopper can go ahead and try us at no risk to themselves or their wallets.” Now walk your fingers over to that keyboard and make an empowering, “proper” purchase!

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