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This one’s for the kids… and their fashion-savvy moms! A spiffy looking 3 year old is just as important as his/her spiffy looking mom. This growing industry of kids fashion is not only creative and fun, but also hard work and lucrative… if done the right way.

Ashley Rosenfeld is the owner of JUICE BOX, a trendy youngster boutique for newborns to 12 year olds. Ashley is completely dedicated to, “watching a child pick out their own clothes and having their own personal style.”

How did you come up with the name Juice Box for your company?

AR: The name JUICE BOX was originated by thinking of things that had to do with children.

Was there anything in particular in your life that led you to open up Juice Box?

AR: I have always been into fashion and clothing, but never thought it would lead into the children’s market. After graduating college and moving back down to South Florida, I had been shopping at boutique that specialized in designer and celebrity driven brands. I visited weekly to see new arrivals and had soon become very friendly with the owners. After a few months ofjuice-box

shopping there, they had realized that I was very knowledgeable with the clothing and latest trends. They had proposed that I should look into bringing in baby/kids clothing to their store of the same brands and trends of what they had been carrying and selling. I had done some research and within a few weeks I had made a piece of their store “Kid Friendly.” About a year later, the boutique was not doing well and they made the decision to close the store down. I had grown to love children’s clothing and did not want to discontinue because I had reached a bump in the road. After careful thinking, I decided that I was going to start my own website and continue to specialize in designer children’s clothing.

When did you open your boutique?

AR: JUICE BOX was launched at the end of 2008. Creating the site was very timely, but I knew it would be worth it in the end.

What was the most difficult part about opening up a boutique?

AR: The most difficult part about opening a boutique is getting the perfect inventory. In my case, each Mom has a different style that they choose for their kid. You want to be able to please each person’s wants, but this can be very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Was there anything that almost stopped you from opening up this company?

AR: There was nothing that stopped me from being determined to make this online boutique for children. I had passed the hurdles after leaving the boutique where I had originally started selling the kids clothes.

How did you overcome any negative people during the process of opening up shop?

AR: There is always someone negative chirping in your ear saying, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.” I knew I had a niche for this and chose not to listen to the negative comments, but instead prove them all wrong.

What do you look for when you hire staff?

AR: When hiring I look for someone who has product knowledge, someone who is truthful, and capable of establishing long term relationships with customers.

Do you do all the buying for your shop? If so, what do you look for when adding to your collection?

AR: Yes, I do all the buying for my shop. I always like to look at the trends for adults that can be worn by children. Whether it’s skinny jeans, to plaid shirtsor even asymmetrical tops; I always like to keep the inventory trendy and fun.

Describe Juice Box in detail.

AR: JUICE BOX is an online children’s boutique that specializes in designer brands for boys and girls from newborn to size 12. Several brands that I carry are adult brands that have been scaled down to children sizes. JUICE BOX’s style consists of edgy and trendy clothing that steers AWAY from the “Pretty Little Princess” look. Don’t get me wrong, we have tons of dresses and several items that are pink and purple, but we LOVE things in black and want a Mother to look at an item and say, “I would totally buy this for myself!”

As a business owner, what is the most important aspect of your company?

AR: I think one of the most important aspects of being a business owner is customer service. Having several return customers reassures me that I’m doing something right. With an online boutique there is very little to no communication between our store and our customers. So when sending out our packages we always write a personalized note on their order receipt.

How does word about Juice Box get around?

AR: Currently we are involved in doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pay Per Click for online marketing. As for the locals in South Florida it’s by word of mouth and by our seasonal trunk shows we have at customers homes.

What goals do you have for Juice Box, for the next 5 years?

AR: My goal for JUICE BOX is to not only expand and become prosperous, but also become well known for having the best clothing for kids. I want my company to be known for having the best styles, brands and trends for children. Any store can sell a cute outfit for a child, but I want a customer to shop at JUICE BOX because they want the best!

Did you start out with a business plan?

AR: I actually did not use a business plan. I learned much knowledge from the boutique that I started at and then used a few books about online business. My father who owns his own Medical practice, gave me guidance on what I needed to do in order to have a legitimate and successful company.

Excluding rent, how much money would you say one needs to start a boutique like yours?

AR: It would be hard to put together a monetary figure of how much one would need to start a boutique similar to mine due to several variables in terms of Internet vs. brick and mortar; type of inventory, and the amount one chooses to buy.

Did you have any financial help opening up your boutique?

AR: Yes, I had help from family in order to open the boutique. In retail, all inventory and supplies must be fronted from day one.

Is your company currently undergoing any improvements?

AR: There is always room for improvement. I think the most obvious one would be to increase sales and decrease losses. This would refer to being able to sell all inventories each season without having to discount the items. That may be an unrealistic dream as of now, but I definitely have high expectations for this company.

Are there any great books that helped you become a better business owner?

AR: I picked up a couple “Start Up” business books for E-Commerce and Retail Business. The best ‘book’ is speaking to someone who is currently in retail and can give you advice first hand.

What brands do you carry?

AR: Splendid, Ella Moss, Gypsy05, Goldrush Outiftters, Joe’s Jeans, J Brand Denim, Local Celebrity, Childish Clothing, Cotton Caboodle and many more.

Are you currently having any promotions?

AR: All promotions are sent via email to all who sign up to receive JUICE BOX mail. They include free shipping and extra discounts depending on amount spent.

What is the ultimate goal for Juice Box?

AR: The ultimate goal for JUICE BOX would be to monopolize the online children boutiques. We aim to carry the best styles and brands and stand by our product and service.

What do you LOVE about your company the most?

AR: Although, I do not have any kids of my own yet I LOVE dressing up children. I love watching a child pick out their own clothes and having their own personal style.

What are some of your personal favorite places to shop?

Favorite Place to Shop:
Jessie Boutique — Miami Beach, Florida
Shop Bop — /
Saks Fifth Avenue
Fred Segal — Los Angeles, California

What are some of your personal favorite brands?

J Brand
Fabulous & Broke
Karina Grimaldi

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