YUM’s the Word!

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Tried of the same old, tried and true, reliable treat? Yea… us too!
Try a Cupcake Pop! They’re hand-rolled, dipped in decadence, deliciously decorated, and perfectly placed on a stick. Candice Christopher created this original take on the cupcake and opened up her online store, Candy’s Sweets & Treats.


When did you start Candy’s Sweets & Treats?

CC: I started my business in April 2009 after I lost my job working in finance at a Hedge Fund (blah!). At first I was completely freaked out and nervous, but then after the initial shock I realized it was the perfect time for me to start up my dream job.

What exactly do you sell?

CC: I sell cupcake pops, cupcakes, and cakes.

What is the most popular item and why do you think it’s the most popular?

CC: Definitely the cupcake pops. A cupcake pop is all the “yumminess” of a cupcake rolled into a ball, on a stick, and dipped into either white or dark chocolate… YUMMY!

How long did it take before you made enough to make a living from baking?

CC: It took a good year to start making money. In the beginning, I was pouring my own money into it (thank god for credit cards!!). Baking supplies really add up!

Were you ever afraid to start your company?

CC: I was definitely scared. I think with starting up any business there is a level of uncertainty. If I was going through a tough time I would remind myself of how unhappy I was at my last job…. That kept me going!!

Tell us the process you took to opening up your company, from before it was open to taking all the necessary steps.

CC: The first few months I researched and tested out recipes. I also looked up how others started up their cupcake/bakery businesses. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel! I had some help from a lawyer-friend on what I had to do to be legit. I narrowed down my products, designed my website and just hoped for the best.

What was the most challenging part?

CC: The most challenging part was actually spent on going through recipes and testing them out. There were so many days spent on duds. I had my friends help me with taste testing, and if the recipe wasn’t amazing – it was out!

How do people find you?

CC: A lot of my business now is by word of mouth. Customers bring my treats to a party and it’s free advertising! I also meet people at bridal shows, networking events, and charity events.

What is a typical day for you?

CC: Most of my time is spent baking and making the cupcake pops. And I feel like I am always cleaning up! The cupcake pops are very time consuming because each one is hand rolled, dipped, decorated, and packaged. When I’m not baking I’m out delivering, catching up with phone calls, emails, and buying ingredients.

What’s in the works for Candy’s Sweets & Treats?

CC: My next big step is shipping nationwide, which will happen before the holidays. I am working on revamping my website to make it easy to customize, order, and ship online.

How much time in advance should people contact you to order?

CC: It is best at least 2-3 days before hand. For large orders and special customization at least 1 week. The earlier the better!

What do you LOVE the most about your company?

CC: I love that I have the opportunity to make a product that brings so much happiness to people. There is nothing better than walking into a room with a bunch of yummy desserts!

If you were to start all over, what’s the one thing you would do differently?

CC: If I could change one thing it would to have leased a SUV two years ago instead of a coupe. Sometimes I have to get very creative fitting 50 pound bags of flour and sugar while strategically placing cupcake boxes so they don’t tip over!

Give us 5 Amazing Tips!

1. Love what you do.
2. Reward yourself when you accomplish goals.
3. Surround yourself with positive people.
4. Don’t be a afraid to ask for help.
5. Laugh everyday!

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