Twisting Tradition

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He proposes, you say yes! Everyone celebrates and now you’re left to figure out the rest. After you’ve hired the wedding planner and started organizing the many different vendors for the day, picked your dream dress, chosen your court and organized the leading-up-to events, you might come to realize it’s all been about YOU!

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We have found a lady whose company wants to help put some of the focus on him and take the stress off of you. Let’s be honest, this is as much his joyous occasion as it is yours. Kathy Goodman is the creative mind behind a clever company entitled Well Rehearsed. She will not only plan the very important, and often forgotten, rehearsal dinner for you, but she’ll make it all about him. This way you can have “your day” and make it all about you, completely guilt free!

Kathy has ten years of marketing and events management experience under her belt, but it was only after her own rehearsal dinner that she realized the niche in the market and her apparent talent to fill the need.

“About 99% of weddings have rehearsal dinner’s, but they all get left to the last minute,” explains Goodman. Not only is this the day in which you can celebrate him, but you can take the opportunity to spend quality time with family and close friends you might not be able to attend to as much on the actual wedding day. Kathy will meet with your groom’s family to initiate planning of the entire dinner, this is if you are going the traditional route and having his family foot the rehearsal dinner bill. “I work a lot with the groom families, as they are traditionally the ones who host the event and it’s their contribution. This is the perfect opportunity for a groom’s mother to get involved and plan something great for her son and future daughter-in-law,” continues Goodman.

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Well Rehearsed is now three years in the making and Kathy continues in her hard earned success. “Two things set me apart. I’m one of the first people going out to this market and servicing it with a completely new concept. It differs from the wedding – different clients and a different night. It’s a huge untapped market; the family of the groom can get a leg up from my services. I’m answering a need, now the rehearsal night can be really enjoyable too!”

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Kathy’s idea and concept might be unique, but that’s not the only thing molding Well Rehearsed. “I’m going out there and creating buzz and awareness. When I started to launch my company I knew I had to have a really strong brand and I had to make it very clear what I was doing. Building on my tools of experience is how I made my brand. I had to set myself apart in this billion-dollar industry and I feel I’ve done it with my recognizable branding. It creates a mark of professionalism, so people know what they are working with.”

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When asked about how she learned to get ahead in the event planning industry Kathy explained she simply asked people for advice. “Most people [business owners] had to start from somewhere too and if you ask them the right questions they will give you the answers you are looking for. I just had to be honest and upfront with people.” Starting your own company is a big and scary step and Kathy had to decide quickly whom she was and how she was going to forge her way. “Rehearsal dinner’s work so well for me because it’s an out-of-the-box and original idea… I like to twist the traditional and incorporate the couple’s personalities into the whole “getting married” procession, but without using the actual wedding day to do it.” For the most part Kathy uses networking as her greatest marketing strategy. By making sure people in the wedding industry understand and grasp her company’s idea she is spreading the word.

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Kathy Goodman’s business concept has worked thus far for her, but she is quick to say, “I keep chipping away and working on the company. I go with something and if it doesn’t work I’ll modify my path and go with something else.” In other words, there’s always room for improvement, time to make mistakes, and plenty places in which to grow with success!

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