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Leaving the business she had been apart of for so long was hard, “Patti was my first real job opportunity out of college. She found me on when I was 22 years old. Most of my professional skills lie in matchmaking.”

The above quoted matchmaking maven is none other than Chelsea Autumn. Chelsea has been the outstanding and ever present apprentice to Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, for as long as the show has aired on the Bravo television network. As of February 2010 the show faced its biggest breakup yet – yes, even bigger than Patti’s latest breakup with her fiancé – Chelsea said goodbye to the show and company.chelsea-autumn

After being one of Stanger’s first employees, working with the company for 8 years as it grew, and co-starring on the successful reality show, walking away from it all was not an easy decision. “I’ve had a lot of unsure moments and doubt. But then I refocus and realize I’m here now and need to give it 110% to make it work. I really don’t have other options, not to mention this is what I love – relationships and people.”

While Patti might have had the face time, Chelsea had the quality time. She worked behind the scenes for countless hours building relationships with clients and couples. Her success stories are countless and international. Now, Chelsea is taking this experience, knowledge and talent into her own company, Queen of Hearts.

“I believe the only way to truly be successful in this day and age is to open your own business. By sticking with it and not quitting there is no way to fail. It might seem easier to work for someone else, but not as rewarding. Being your own boss is the ultimate fulfillment.” It’s with this mindset that Chelsea’s company can definitely qualify as matchmaking competition.

With an extremely grateful heart, Chelsea says, “While there are no hard feelings, I understand how it would make Patti uncomfortable now that I’m opening my own match making company. There was just nowhere for me to grow anymore. Now, I’m taking the positive things learned and moving forward.”

So far, so good! Every single day is a step in the right direction with new clients rushing in and relationships being built. Queen of Hearts latest endeavor has been to partner up with another social networking company entitled, “It’s kind of a mesh between Facebook and Myspace except you share your experiences, are in-the-know, as well as receive deals and prizes.” Autumn is going to be the official spokes person for the company’s love channel offering advice on all things love.


Ok, so how is Queen of Hearts different from the next matchmaking mogul? “Women or men email us and we then email them a questionnaire. After they take these in depth questionnaires we are able to access their personalities and go from there. I started this company with my boyfriend so what we’ve decided is to use both male and female perspectives when matching couples up. We also do relationship counseling and date coaching. I’m here to help and not bring people down at all. I want to pick out their best qualities and work from there. I’m a little less strong with people than Patti is.”

This international company recently matched up one of Chelsea’s good friend’s from The Real Housewives of Denmark. Queen of Hearts’ services are catered to a higher level of clientele, but they are not exclusive to millionaires. However, successful and sophisticated are required qualities. “We want to find people who are compatible physically, mentally, and spiritually. There’s none of those older man, sugar daddy or gold digger situations going on. We charge the women a one-time $30 registration fee, but it’s just to make sure they are serious. We have noticed it shows value in the service and if these women are paying I feel they are more focused. All our male clients have set fees.” For further pricing inquiries check out their website.


Here’s an interesting point Chelsea shared with us in regards to relationships, “I feel the relationship counseling part to our company is so important. A lot of people who work in the matchmaking industry just want to make couples work, but I feel these clients first need to work on themselves before they can work together as a couple. So many people carry baggage from previous relationships or life in general and until they overcome this they can’t function in a normal relationship.” These are wise words from a cunning businesswoman who has so far received very supportive and encouraging feedback.

What’s next for the Queen of Hearts? Television of course! The company is in talks with a production company to do their own show and it’s set to air next year. Hopefully this reality (as in television) is kind to Chelsea and her company.

Written by: Bridgette


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