A Cut Above The Rest

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A word from the wise to the ambitious, “Everything you dream to achieve you can make happen. It’s yours for the taking because by thinking about it you’ve already begun the process.” Vaso Spirou is her very own dream maker and sassy salon owner.

Since officially beginning her career in 1990, Vaso has made waves by becoming master colorist and stylist in salons throughout New York, where she got her training. After moving to Florida she became the creative director of internationally renowned White Salon and Spa. She continued on her path in the elite salon world by running The Standard Spa.

Located in South Beach, Vaso Salon is the stuff Spirou’s dreams are made of. The three-year-old salon is thriving and when asked what it took to gain her own independent salon, Spirou replies, “Good old-fashioned hard work!” She is up at the crack of dawn making sure her day is planned as she feels organization is key. This cutting edge businesswomen would rather go it alone then have to point a finger at anyone who doesn’t get the job done right.

Spirou prides herself on having a dream team that is built on, “common sense, respect and consideration.” She also contributes the salon success to her extremely hands on approach, and would rather eliminate people then have to point someone out for failing at a task. “I love that my company is my own. I baby it and take very good care of it. It has a really well structured, but relaxed atmosphere.”

Besides just wanting to get the job done with excellence, Spirou waits for no one and nothing. She is a go-getter and has worked hard for all she has, including her marketing and web management for the company. “I am a hairdresser, but I LOVE the business end of it. I went from being pretty much computer illiterate five years ago, to doing my entire web marketing and all advertising myself. I had to be self-taught as financially I wasn’t able to out source.”

Enough about the work, what about the play? “I love the daily interaction with my clients. Ninety percent of them are local clients. I’ve been living in Miami Beach for fourteen years they [her clients] are like family. I have great friends here and we share a lot of time together with close relationships. The same applies for my team.” Spirou knows what she wants and continues to grow in her profession with great determination, never taking “no” for an answer. We greatly commend her!

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