A lot goes a longer way…

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“A labor of love,” is how our most recent female entrepreneur chooses to describe her company and the work she’s put into it.

Get Ink PR was started by Ellen Marchman in 2005. Her 15 years, of bi-coastal experience in both LA and NY, has afforded her many invaluable lessons and a solid foundation in the public relations industry. Through the years she has had the opportunity to work with both very high-end and very demanding clients. “I realized Miami was lacking a boutique firm that had in-depth corporate experience with the creativity I bring to the table,” explains Marchman.get-ink

Since opening her doors and successfully maintaining the business, Marchman says, “Our office has grown from great referrals and incredible clients. We still retain a few clients that helped us get going and appreciate them every day. The most important thing is not to grow too fast and be discriminating with whom you choose as clients. So many agencies do not know when to say no, thank you.”

Get Ink PR has offices in Miami and Denver. They work with a full range of hospitality clientele – hotels, restaurants, spas and luxury goods. When asked what separates her company from other PR firms, Ellen is quick to call out, “Integrity!”  She expresses how her and her team bring passion to the office everyday and believe in each and every client. “The reason our networks are so strong is because we will never try and sell a product or concept that doesn’t work. Honesty is the best policy.” Now, that’s refreshing!


But it’s not all glamorous parties and eloquently worded press releases for this PR pro, “As in all business, peers strive to undermine good work.  I’ve seen publicists try and poach clients by creating false stories, not only about our work – but their work!  What they don’t realize is our relationships with our clients are too strong. The client shares the experience with us.” One of Marchman’s most valued client relationships is of 5 years with a restaurant and it’s owner, “He calls us for advice beyond PR and marketing because he trusts we are savvy and we understand the market.”


We asked Ellen if she’d take us through a clients experience from the fist time they speak to the end result, she replied with, “Let’s just say we never under deliver and are fully engaged with our clients from the moment we begin.” However the plan of action might look at Get Ink PR, it must be working. Ellen makes a point to always take the high road, never burning bridges and maintaining a simple rule of thumb – kindness.

She encourages both inexperienced and experienced entrepreneurs to never stop educating themselves, as she does for herself. “Whether it be in school or the world, intelligence and knowledge will win the race every time.”

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