An “i” for Style

Apr 07, 2011 1 Comment

It all started at an upscale boutique called Chroma in the heart of Miami. When Kimberly Sussman and Jenny Zalkin met, they instantly clicked. Kim, who has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and London, has been heavily influenced by her creative edge. Jenny, who has lived in Miami her whole life, is a regular in the city’s social scene. Together, with their love of fashion, they joined forces and created iStylie, a company that helps women seek their style identity.


Costing anywhere from $50-400, iStylie gives you the most bang for your buck. “When you hire us, you’re making an investment,” Jenny confesses, “We don’t want the price to shy our clients away from a really life changing experience, so we keep it affordable.” The first step requires you to answer a style questionnaire online. “This helps us address their weaknesses, address their needs, and give them a newfound sense of self-assurance and confidence,” Kimberly explains, “We want them to feel beautiful in their own skin.”


After your questionnaire is reviewed, both Kimberly and Jenny arrive at your home for some “shop therapy.” “Shop therapy” is when we go to your home and study your wardrobe,” Jenny reveals, “We then analyze your style and revamp your wardrobe. Then we meet clients at different stores and help them shop!” Once you’ve chosen a couple necessary items, the dynamic duo gets to work. “Sometimes our clients don’t really know what they want or where they want to go with the pieces of clothing that they buy,” Kimberly tells us, “that’s where we come in. We put together outfits and accessories for them, as well as organize their closet. This allows for simple navigation of their wardrobe.”


Together, Kim and Jenny make a powerful team. “The best part is we get along so well,” Kim exclaims, “We highlight each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and Jenny has definitely helped me grow as an individual.”Jenny agrees, stating, “Although sometimes we have miscommunications, it’s really wonderful to have someone to bounce your ideas off of. You get out what’s on your mind, discuss it, and move on.”


Jenny and Kim owe their buzz to social networking, word of mouth, and advertisements. “We drop off postcards everywhere we go,” Kim explains, “They describe our services, have prices, and a simple overview of our company. It’s everything you need to know about iStylie.” If there’s one piece of advice Jenny and Kim can offer, it’s to jump in with both feet and just go for it. “It’s hard,” Jenny states, “But with breakdowns, come breakthroughs, and you have to realize your life lessons and learn how to do things better.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto

Edited by: Bridgette Margot


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  1. Krista says:

    What a great article! These ladies sound like they’d be so much fun to work with and I LOVE their process. Thank you for sharing!

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