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Long overdue and highly appropriate is this article… or should we say praise report. Every now and again comes in contact with a male who deserves much acclaim and proclamation; as is the case with our latest and greatest male entrepreneur whom we have formed a strong business rapport.

c&I-studiosJoshua Otis Miller (a.k.a Josh) is the Executive Director and a founder of C&I Studios. This multi-media company started back in 2006 and continues to create “inspiring art with exceptional quality to reach humanity 2.0.”  They are the epitome of quality professionalism and their unique style is what sets them apart from the competition. Operating out of Washington D.C, New York and headquartered in Florida, they specialize in all types of media production from graphic design to full out video production. had the pleasure of working with Josh and his oh-so-skilled team during the production of our “About Us” video we produced a few months back. In a penthouse suite some floors up, overlooking Miami Beach and its sunny bay Josh was out numbered by several female entrepreneurs and their need to get glam.


He effortlessly captured every moment of the day from candid prepping to the actual interviewing process and then some. Everyone was made to feel at ease and he was even able to give us some great suggestions.

Needless to say, Josh encompasses what every great entrepreneur should look, sound and act like – male or female. For more info on C&I Studios visit their site and prepare to be mezmorized or check out our “About Us” video.

Written by: Bridgette


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