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Leslie Thomas and Marine Kiesel have joined forces to create a one-stop-shop agency just for women. B-Tify is the one place that can provide you with services from beauty to food- right at your own doorstep! Based out of Miami Beach, Florida, this lovely duo’s main goal is to make your life easier. With them, the best chefs, event services, and beauty treatments are only one phone call away. InterviewHer.com sat down with the lovely duo to get the inside scoop on their brilliant business.

marine-and-leslie-b-tifyBoth Leslie and Marine were born and raised in Paris, France. Lesile,who studied fashion design, originally had a desire to launch her own brand of clothing. With a flare for style, she became a personal shopper. She had been thinking of branching out into a different direction, but didn’t know which direction that might be. Then, she met Marine, who was working on a beauty product. Both women brainstormed their ideas and decided to open up their very own agency in hopes of making women’s lives easier.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy for people to understand their business because it’s an extremely new concept. “We had to work with a lot of people to find different employees who would suit our company,” Leslie explains to InterviewHer.com, “Some found us through our ads on CraigsList, others from recommendations through our friends. But once we found the vendors we needed, things just fell into place.”

Another challenge Leslie and Marine were faced with was getting the word out. “Advertising is really the most important part of opening a new company,” Leslie explains, “Our Facebook, twitter, and friends have really helped our company expand in so many ways.” With the power of the internet today, it has proven to be a main component in helping B-Tify cultivate into the success it has been.


Since opening just three months ago, Thomas tells InterviewHer.com, “We are seeing money come in, but we are still in the beginning phase.” Although there are many agencies in France that offer services for people, they mostly focus on babysitting or housekeeping. No other company has proven to be as much fun and unique as B-Tify.

Working with a partner can cause you to butt heads often, but Leslie assures that by just communicating, things become a lot easier. “When you are working with someone else, you have to understand they are going to have different opinions, ideas, and moods,” Marine tells InterviewHer.com, “There are many ups and downs and it’s not going to be easy every day. That’s why it is extremely important to have communication and to talk about each others standpoints.”

b-tify-manicureBoth Leslie and Marine have traveled around the world to places like Brazil and Spain. “When you travel, it causes you to open your minds and makes it easier for you to understand people and where they’re coming from,” Leslie explains, “We incorporate that into our business, which really sets us apart from other companies.” B-Tify offers four main services: Pretty, Style, Gourmet, and Events. Pretty, which includes manicures, pedicures, make up services, waxing, and massages, are aimed towards helping women seek some peace and well-deserved relaxation time. Style incorporates wardrobe cleaning, outfit association, personal shopping, and luggage assistance. Gourmet has been used to prepare meals for kids for the week, beautiful homemade cakes for special occasions, and chefs for adults and children. Events include bachelorette parties, clothes swapping parties, divorce parties, baby showers, and weddings. “We know how women feel when they don’t have time for themselves,” Marine tells InterviewHer.com, “What we love the most is being able to help women feel good about themselves in any way we can.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto

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