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Watches with a pop of color that are trendy, fun, and can be worn with any style, are Dahlia Berdugo’s specialty. Berdugo is the owner of Bede Trends, an innovative watch company that sells an assortment of unisex watches made with eco-friendly silicone, in over a dozen colors and four designs. Bede Trends, stands for “be everything, do everything” which Berdugo told, encompasses her ideas about the trendsetters who sport her fashionable products.

After graduating from Florida State University with a Masters in entertainment business in October 2010, Berdugo began herdahlia-berdugo company. After doing a business plan on consulting, marketing and brand name, she decided that although she enjoyed the experience, it was time she got back into expressing her creativity. “I’ve always done designs and created stuff. I put it into motion,” Berdugo said. She began making hand-made jewelry, featured her pieces in shows and met a friend who introduced her to suppliers. She is proud to say that she started the company by herself with $2000 of school loan money. “I started it all by myself, from the ground up, everything,” she explained.

As Berdugo began designing, she saw similar products in stores, so she searched for a way to make her watches stand out. “I really wanted to have a niche so that’s why I decided to brand them with my own name and really create the brand,” she said. Instead of selling her products to just anyone, she focused on finding a target market. The age group of her market ranges from 7-year-olds to grandmothers.

Bede Trends watches are unique in that “you can work out with them, have fun with them, it’s not a problem at all,” Berdugo said, “You can dress it up day or night, however you want to do it.” Their style and water resistance makes them the perfect accessory to transition from the office to a night out with friends. The different designs Bede Trends offers are intermix jelly, intermix slap, LED and luxury.  Berdugo says what customers love most about her watches is the array of colors, “You can intermix any color, any choice you want.” Bede Trends uses college colors and have even begun making watches with three colors for designs that truly highlight individual’s personalities. These trendy and fun watches are also very affordable, starting at just $20.

bede-trendsThe watches gained popularity following the company’s premiere on Deco Drive. At this point Berdugo started doing more blogs and shows including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Her watches have been seen on celebrities like Nicole Murphy, Leon Washington from the Seattle Seahawks, and MTV’s Sway Calloway.

Being a female entrepreneur means so much to Berdugo. “Now that I see so many young people starting their own businesses it’s really inspiring especially as a woman, knowing that they haven’t always had their place in the market,” she said. In starting her business from the ground up, Berdugo would have preferred to have sat down with a business mentor and put together a sure plan. When asked what she wished she knew before she began her company, she replied, “Just having a guide because I pretty much went into it and it’s been going ever since.” But, the support of others has helped her along the way. “It was really encouraging to be able to take it by storm, especially to have people believe in you,” Berdugo told

bede-trends“Be everything, do everything” is Bede Trend’s motto, and Berdugo suggests people do just that. “Whether you’re young or old, it does not make a difference. If you have the talent and the passion for it, go ahead and do it,” Berdugo explained, “As women you are trendsetters. You don’t have to be afraid of who you want to be. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Bede Trend’s goals for the future include expanding the business with more products and philanthropy. Berdugo is in the processes of creating more original watches. The company is also working with college internship programs to get students who are interested in fashion merchandising involved with Bede Trends. Berdugo loves her fans and encourages them to send in pictures. “I support my fans one hundred percent,” Berdugo said, “I kind of like to think of it as the female Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook will always change, but Bede Trends won’t change.”


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