Be Platinum, Be Your Best

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A look at and it is immediately obvious how much work went into the sheer variety of products.  Miami based founder and owner, Maggie Latortue takes a few minutes from her busy day to talk to about how she was able to overcome setbacks and realize her dream and create a successful make-up boutique and website.

Maggie explains that she always knew she wanted to go into the beauty business, plus she had always been interested in cosmetology. Maggie felt this was something she would excel at, and six years ago, she finally created BEPLATINUM Cosmetics.
Before starting, Maggie explains, “I did my homework.”  She communicated with companies overseas to find out the best way to manufacture her products.  This was important to her, she explains, because she wanted all of her products to be produced in the United States.

Being well prepared was important to Maggie, who wanted her line to reflect her own high standards.  The name itself, Be Platinum, comes from the element Platinum, which is a precious metal.  To Maggie, “Be Platinum” means to always strive for the best.

But being well prepared takes time and patience, and it wasn’t another three years after she initally started her company that the buzz started going.  She tells, “I started knocking on people’s doors, selling my make up to my friends and different clubs.”  She also created an awesome website, which features the bold and brightly colored make-up that appeals to her clients.  She personally chooses the colors, to stay relevant with her customers, including the younger generation of make-up users.   Maggie tells about the importance of being competitive, although she confesses “I’m a baby in the industry!”  However, she is able to overcome her status as a young company with her versatility.  A glance at her website shows that she’s got everything, make up, skin care, and hair care, and some exciting future prospects.

When asked for advice for women interested in starting a business, Maggie tells, “The thing is to not give be-platinumup…things don’t happen overnight.”  Maggie explains that her own first boutique had to shut down, but she was able to use that experience to start over.  “My mistake was picking a bad area for business,” she says, and she was able to apply that lesson to her her new store, BEPLATINUM Cosmetics Boutique, located at 6907 Biscayne Boulevard, in Miami, Florida.

What’s next for this versatile entrepreneur?  She will soon be having a BEPLATINUM Cosmetics party at her shop, featuring a Make-Up Party and an After Party at the Pink Room.  Maggie has also begun working with a female artist, who will have her own lipstick and lip gloss at BEPLATINUM Cosmetics.  She’s even planning on reaching out past women’s beauty and starting a men’s care line, and eventually, men’s underwear.

BEPLATINUM Cosmetics is definitely living up to it’s own standards!


Written by: Robin Jacobs



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