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To be a journalist is to tell a story. To be an artist is to create a piece which also conveys a story. Through an unexpected twist of life and the necessary twist of leather and beads, Monika Böhm-Fandiño has begun to narrate the next chapter of her life in the form of her company, LaMour Jewelry,

Chapter One – How it Began

“I was a freelance TV producer and then the recession hit,” Monika tells “Suddenly, I wasn’t being called to produce stories any more. It was less expensive for an organization to send their own reporters than to hire freelance.”

lamour-jewelry“I was struggling to find a name for the company and my husband suggested using the initials of the women in our family,” Monika says. “The company is called LaMour and incorporates the initials of my step-daughter, my mother, and myself.”

“Some of the pendants are original pieces from Bali and Thailand and the pricing varies,” Monika tells “Bracelets range from $25-$60 and necklaces range from $80-$100.”

lamour-jewelryChapter Two – Better by Beading

“I started to indulge in my hobby of making jewelry,” Monika explains. “Then more and more people started liking it and wanting to buy it. Some of my friends suggest items they would like to see and I name the collections or pieces after them. Then, a year and a half ago, I decided to make it my business.”


“My materials – the leather, beads – are all blessed by Buddhist monks. I liked the idea that each piece I create gives every person who wears it health and happiness.  A portion of the money I make from my sales goes to the Lotus House, a charity which provides shelter for homeless women.”

Chapter Three – Lessons Learned

“I really had a hard time embracing this change,” Monika recalls. “I was like, ‘I can’t believe I am doing this now. I went to University; I was a journalist.’ Then no one was calling. I couldn’t believe this was what I was doing, so I was scared, but now I am alright. It was good for my mind to do the jewelry. To create things, these beautiful things, it makes me proud.”


“I learned to never give up,” Monika tells “You have to go with what is thrown on your plate and don’t push it. I would tell other women entrepreneurs that the worst thing you can do is to push it. Go with your gut feelings.”

Chapter Four – LaMour and More

You can find LaMour jewelry online, at the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach, and the Isla Boutique in mid-town.  But that is just the beginning of the story. We all can’t wait to hear where this story of love, life and beauty goes next. With Monika weaving the tale and the jewelry, it’s sure to be a masterpiece.


Written by: Sherry Liantonio




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