Doing The Donut – Live!

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Next time you’re hosting an event and looking for great food as well as live entertainment, here is your solution. Donut Divas,  stared by friends Yojani Blandino and Maria Acosta, is the sugarcoated, catering service that feeds and fascinates at the same time. Now all you need is a glass of milk!

When did you know you both would go into business together?

Y&M: We have been successful in the events industry for years. Our experience, our passion and competition in the catering industry drove us to fry up this sweet idea. Our idea is one that adds an extra touch of sweetness to any event.

When did you decide to open this company?

Y&M: In 2008, we joined together to establish a sweet catering company in town.

How did this idea come about?

Y&M: We have been friends for over 10 years and have always had one thing in common… a sweet tooth. donut-divasWe made a simple dream become a reality. We only hope to satisfy every type of sweet tooth with the taste of our mini donuts and fun foods, while providing a fresh product and top client service.

What did you do before owning Donut Divas?

Y&M: Maria was a wedding planner that had a dream to start a business of her own, the dream only became a reality with her best friend, Yojani. Yojani was in the chocolate fountain and candy cart catering industry and needed something different to separate her from the competition. It didn’t take much to convince her best friend, Maria, that the mini donut and fun foods catering industry would be a success.

Do you have a shop or warehouse?

Y&M: We have a warehouse.

How exactly does your company work?

Y&M: Mini Donuts and Fun Foods are prepared on the event site. Our catering company is always the sweetest entertainment at any event.

What do you sell the most of?

Y&M: Mini donuts, Churros and chocolate fountains.

How many employees do you have working in your company now?

Y&M: 15 employees.

How hands on are both of you?

Y&M: We are very hands on and attend every event. It’s very important for our clients and the community to see us working hard in making their event a success. We credit our success to our hands on approach and top client service.

What have you found is the best advertising tool?

Y&M: Public Relations, which includes media and public outreach, social networking, exposure at local events and most importantly, word of mouth. Once we satisfy every type of sweet tooth with the taste of our mini donuts and fun foods, we know that our clients will continue to book us for their events.

Did anyone else help you open it up?

Y&M: Yojani’s sister helped fund the first frying machine. Donut Divas is very grateful to her for believing in our dream.

Are you thinking of franchising your company to different cities?

Y&M: We have discussed the possibility. We like to work directly with our clients. Our clients become like family to us. Our main concern with franchising is that we won’t be able to speak to every client.

When did you both realize that Donut Divas was going to make it?

Y&M: When we didn’t have any openings in our calendar and had to purchase our second machine. We now have 11 machines for our fun foods.

What do you look for when hiring employees?

Y&M: Highly motivated and detailed orientated. They also have to have great personalities when dealing with event guests.

What is a typical day like for both of you?

Y&M: Maria handles the event supplies and administrative work, and Yojani handles the business development.

Were you only selling donuts or both donuts and fun foods? If not, when did you add fun foods and why?

Y&M: We first started with the mini donuts and three months later began launching the fun foods line.

What have you learned the most about being business owners?

Y&M: Being a business owner is never easy, but if you keep a positive attitude, work hard and maintain a high level of professional ethics, you will succeed.

What did you do in the beginning that you would never do again?

Y&M: We would have started the company sooner.

What do you LOVE the most about owning a company?

Y&M: The ability to never stop growing.

What is the best thing that has happened to Donut Divas so far?

Y&M: Being able to do something we enjoy everyday and bring joy to people and events.

What will we see from Donut Divas this year?

Y&M: We are in the process of creating a new fun food, which is a secret but will be a great surprise.

Are you currently promoting any events or anything that you would like your clients to know about?

Y&M: We are promoting our Facebook fan page, which has great contests for our fans.

Give us your best advice about owning a company?

Y&M: Companies should keep in mind that they have to establish themselves as upstanding members of the local community. Let your success spread to the community and everyone wins!

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