Holy Poly!

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From California to Miami, people have been skipping the gym and heading right to pole dancing class. Unconventional, yes, but its results are nothing short of fabulous. Delamarys Jorge and Annia Vazquez, the owners of Moulan Rouge Pole Fitness, have brought the fun body-sculpting workout to Doral, Florida, causing it to spread like wildfire.

Delamarys, an accountant by day and pole dancing instructor by night, focuses on the happiness of her customers more than anything. “When people come to my studio, I want them to feel comfortable, happy, and be able to escape for a little bit. If they’re not happy with the way things are going, I want them to be vocal about it so that we can accommodate them.”

Annia, Jorge’s partner, who also owns her own cigar line, concentrates more on the marketing and advertising aspects of the company. “When we met, we had no relation at all,” Delamarys explains, “But once we did, we clicked automatically. We both had similar outlooks on what we wanted to do, and we just work really well together.”


Since opening just last week, their company has dramatically grown from three girls to thirty! With their intimate French style setting of candles and dim, red lights, their studio transforms into a stress free haven every night of the week. “We hope to be a place where people can wind down after work and just escape for a little bit,” Delamarys explains. With attire such as heels, sports bras, and shorts, you’re encouraged to show off your body to become more aware of its movement and lining. Jorge’s strong dance background has helped her to incorporate different workout techniques, such as yoga, to give you the results you’ve always wanted.

moulan-rouge-pole-fitnessAlthough facing some obstacles along the way, Jorge explains that the most important aspect of opening your own business is to never give up. “Before we opened, we had to go thorough many different procedures with the city of Doral. This caused us to take a step back and reconsider whether or not we wanted to do this. We learned along the way that the city is there to help you and that it would all be worth it in the end.”

When asked if there was any advice she could give to women who want to start their own business, Delamarys justified the significance of just going for what you want. “You can’t be afraid of anything. You also have to realize that everyone started from the bottom and worked their way up; no one was handed success, they had to work for it.” The most importance recipe? “Love. If you put all the love you have into opening a business, you’ll achieve the outcome you always wanted.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto



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