Jonesing For Homes

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Janet Jones, the soon to be owner of her own brokerage firm and the inspiration behind, had an itch to be a successful business owner specializing in luxury property realty. Recognizing the itch had to be scratched, Janet set her sights high and hasn’t stopped.

“I think all entrepreneurs have the same key elements in common: they dream big; they have this overwhelming belief in themselves that they can accomplish great things; they are gutsy enough to take risks, and resilient enough to get up and keep trying even if they fall a hundred times,” Janet says. Her vision was to be a realtor who sold luxury properties and her career path shows Janet is a true entrepreneur.

Realty runs in the family. Janet’s mother has her own brokerage firm but not wanting to limit her janet-jonespossibilities, Janet sought opportunities outside of the family business. At age 19 she obtained her realty license. She shadowed a top producer at a Sotheby’s affiliate brokerage called Wimbish Ritetway, who showed her the ropes of the business. While her mentor was bombarded with multi-million dollar properties, she learned how to assist in luxury property transactions, marketing luxury property, handling difficult clients, and hosting open houses. Part of what Janet learned included meticulous business planning. She was disciplined and then followed through on her plans.

“Because I learned so much through my mentor, I felt confident to manage my own properties and take on my own clients,” Janet says. After two years with Wimbish Riteway, Janet fulfilled her budding urges as the sales manager for Jones International as head of the luxury division. Her professional desires were ignited by her personal passion.

“I have always danced and I had been part of the entertainment industry,” Janet recalls. Coupling her connections in entertainment with her business and marketing savvy gave Janet the fix she needed and helped her succeed. No longer a realty virgin, Janet was achieving her goals. Then the economy crashed.

“The crash of the market for the last three years was a real obstacle. You went from making a great income to making nothing,” Janet explains. “It used to be a seller’s market but now its definitely a buyers market. Home prices are at an all time low and they probably won’t start going up again for another year or so. The market is saturated with cash buyers and first-time homebuyers who are taking advantage of the prices. Although its more challenging to obtain financing than it use to be, for qualified buyers this is now the time to buy.” Janet had to be creative in this major economic shift and take odd jobs. She went from closing many transactions a year to only closing a couple.


This article is one from Janet's blog.

So how does Janet stay occupied in this gig for digs? She lets her other addiction motivate her: love for people. “I am able to help people with the most important transaction of their lives,” Janet says. “When I see that family’s face- I can hear them planning out their entire future- that is just a high. When I get them through that final closing and I hand them the keys to their house, that’s my high. There’s no other job that can get you that feeling.”

jones-for-homesJanet does the necessary work to help her clients find the homes of their dreams. She is relentless about staying on top of trends and using her marketing acumen to brand and sell herself. Her website is tailored to a younger audience. It is playful but packed with all the information new home owners, buyers and even renters need, in a clear, uncomplicated language they can understand.

Janet Jones is committed to her dreams. “The market may crash, but I still want that feeling,” Janet says.  “I have been successful and failed.  Got up and tried again, and failed.  Weathered unforecasted storms and I’m back up again trying.  That’s what it’s all about.”

So if you are in anticipation for some habitation, get your fix from Janet. Her realty expertise, warmth and dedication will get you high for life.

Written by: Sherry Liantonio

Edited by: Bridgette


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