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When her father first suggested starting her company, Jessica Wade Inc., Miami native Jessica Wade Pfeffer’s first response was “Are you crazy?”  But if anyone was qualified to start a Public Relation business, it was her. Starting at the Metro Zoo at the tender age of 17, this seasoned PR veteran has worked for a series of different PR companies.  Relying on help from friends, connections she had already made, and her own hunger to succeed, Jessica launched Jessica Wade Inc in April of 2010.   Jessica took a few minutes to sit down with and explain how, with a little bit of luck and a lot of know-how, she “made it happen.”


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Step One- Know Your Brand

Jessica advises knowing everything you want for you company before staring, including the little details, from the fonts in your email, to your logo and signature.  From that point, you go to and register the company and she explains, “This is the start of everything,”  Jessica stresses that a PR company can be low cost, but,“the most important thing when you start a business is the website the email, a legitimate email address, and your business card.”  The legitimate email address, she explains comes from registering the company using the internet, in Florida it’s called Sun Biz, but it varies by state.  The website comes from a graphic designer, and the business cards come from anywhere on the internet.  So what’s next?


Step Two- Bringing in the Product

Jessica explains that she started quite simply by, “going into my cellphone and going into my facebook, and going into my twitter and saying, who do I know?  Who do I know that can help me now, that I know I will be able to pay back later?”  From there, she was able to find friends who were willing to help her.  Jessica was lucky, the uncertainty of the economy left people willing to help her out.  Many of her friends and acquaintances knew first hand what it was like to start with almost nothing.  She was even able to go back to her days on the playground, and ask an old friend to help her put together the website.


Step Three- Know What You’re Doing

Jessica had several years of experience in the field of Public Relations, and had already owned a company with a business partner.  “My first company was like training, and I really can thank my business partner for that,” she explains to  Problems that she had encountered in her first company suddenly didn’t seem so impossible the second time around.  Still, each day is a learning experience and she explains that even after all these years, “I’m learning to be a little more light on myself,” she says, because, “If you care about your clients and you’re always doing the right things for the right reasons, you’re going to be fine.”


Step Four- Keep the Relationships

For Jessica, interpersonal relationship is the key to her success.  Knowing her client and and their goals “like the back of her hand” is absolutely essential for starting and maintaining a good PR campaign.  “The honest to God truth is about the relationship you have with the client, and that’s the bottom line,” she explains.  And having a clear plan, or campaign strategy, for each client and completing it.”  In PR, wanted know about her particular personal availability for her clients, ““My clients know they can reach me 24/7,” but fortunately, her clients aren’t that interested in working on the weekends either, she adds laughing.


Step Five- The Inspiration

When you enter, the first thing you see on the main page is the slogan “We make it happen.”  Jessica tells that the phrase comes from her best friend’s mother, who she cites as one of her main inspirations.  “She was an extremely powerful brilliant strong woman,” who was always there to help Jessica out.  Even as she battled ovarian cancer, staying up with her until two in the morning to write her very first press release.  Sadly, she passed away, but her legacy lives on in Jessica who has adapted her slogan from “Just make it happen,” to “We make it happen.”


Other Advice?

When you’re starting your first company, PR may seem a little out of your price range, you can go with a freelancer, but she really recommends a firm to get the extra “oomf” out of your program.  There are different ways of lowering costs, including picking and choosing between different pieces of what the firm offers.  Social media, she says, is also a good way to get the word out there.  Which ever route you go, you just have to start.  She reminds us, “With the kind of technology we have these days, we can do anything.  We just have to make it happen.”

Written by: Robin Jacobs


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