Making You!

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“Setting yourself apart,” “breaking the mold,” and “defining you.” These are all actions one wishes to take when starting a company. The question is how. The answer, depending on the person, will most likely vary.making-you!

We chatted with a lady who shared her opinion on making your business identifiable, “if you recently started your own business, you’ve probably taken similar steps as I have. You incorporated your business, opened a bank account, and registered a domain name. The next step is a big one and can be rather overwhelming to new entrepreneurs. How can you make your business marketable?” Sarah Khandjian, owner/designer of Sarah Hearts Design Studio, believes in the brilliance of branding. Needless to say, she’s done an incredible job branding her successful graphic design company. We felt it necessary to share her thoughts with you.

“One of the most helpful things I have learned as a young businesswoman is the importance of making my brand identifiable. I started my business, Sarah Hearts, while in college. I immediately created a logo and began placing it on everything. I screen printed shopping bags, created product hang tags, stickers, business cards, and a website. I wanted not only my products to look like a cohesive collection, but I wanted my entire brand to visually represent my aesthetic,” explains Sarah.

making-you!The innovative designer goes on to say, “all items that bare the Sarah Hearts logo have one thing in common; they all have a similar aesthetic that relates directly with the look of my products. When you pay attention to small details your clients will notice. Your attention to detail in branding reflects the quality of your products or services.”

For anyone who has ever experienced a stranger recognizing his or her business logo/product/branding, it is a feeling of great success. Sarah has been able to market her business through the lucrative avenue of visual branding, “my brand has evolved to include apparel, accessories, and stationery; however, all items align with my brand and purpose.” So how will you make your brand identifiable?

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