MINAgorri Sisters

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Michelle, Marianne, and Monica Minagorri are about to give the Kardashian sisters a run for their money. These three fabulous sisters are the owners of Mina, a trendy Miami boutique carrying handpicked clothing carefully chosen for the modern fashionista. With each sister being only 16 months apart in age, they’ve always had the same group of girlfriends. Their house was the “the spot” their friends to come together and glamorize themselves before a night out on the town.


Monica(left), Michelle(middle), Marianne(right)

They may be blood related, however each sister personifies different characteristics that make them unique. Monica tells InterviewHer how she would describe Michelle as “the fabulous blonde bombshell with the older sister personality who always has it together.” Michelle tells us that Marianne is “the one who takes care of the home front with her style being classically elegant, yet sexy and fierce.” While Marianne tells InterviewHer that “Monica might be the baby of the family, but she’s not in a lot of ways. She leads the pack and is a social butterfly with a bubbly personality, always getting us involved in different foundations. She’s the middle pendulum of the both of us.” Each sister contributes different extremes, but they all balance each other out completely.


Before opening Mina, Monica opened “Swag,” a boutique near Bal Harbour. During this time, Marianne was living in the Cayman Islands selling high-end jewelry and designing fashion. While Michelle traveled all over the globe working with Real Estate. Even though they had different career paths, they found themselves bonding over their love for style – this bond lead them to the creation of Mina. Since being at their location in Miami for the past two years, Mina has gained the praise and recognition that it rightfully deserves. With a reasonably priced collection, most pieces are under $100. “We wanted to have the store [in the location] it is now because we wanted to be the middle ground for boutiques,” Marianne tells InterviewHer, “South Beach’s boutiques are usually pricy and don’t have a lot of sizes, while Bal Harbor only caters to those willing to spend a lot. Our goal was to be trendy without being overpriced.” In addition, Mina offers the luxury service of free home deliveries to their clientele.

Every month, the three sisters pick a “Mina Maven” of the month. “This woman is someone who stands out through the community,” Monica dishes to InterviewHer, “Whether it’s with charity work or with their career, we choose someone who inspires others and acts as a role model.”


“The main focus of our store is to support the local designers in Miami,” Michelle tells InterviewHer, “We meet new designers and see their collections and most of the time they end up in the store. We don’t make much off of it and we’re doing everything we can to showcase their lines.” Along with these unique pieces, Mina carries high-end clothing for extremely reasonable prices. For example, Trisha Six pieces that usually go for $600 can be found in the store for $100.

mina“Something people should know about us is that we’re really low key and down to earth,” Monica explains, “We’re really family oriented and you can tell right away if you hangout with us for an hour.”Now, a family affair, their mother has been buying for the store. In hopes of expanding their client list, she began to choose fashionable pieces that complimented women of all sizes.

“The most important aspect of marketing is through word of mouth and Facebook,” Marianne tells InterviewHer, “We have our look books on Facebook, as well as a Twitter, and we constantly e-mail our VIP list about new merchandise.” Not only do these sisters know a lot of people, but they’re extremely involved in their community. Marianne, who is involved in the Chambers of Miami Beach and Monica who is on the Fine Arts Board of Miami Beach, both come together to help out other causes. With donating to American Cancer and American Diabetes, Mina is always doing everything they can to help others.

“If there’s any advice that I could give to someone trying to start a business, it’s to not sweat the small stuff,” Monica dishes to Interview Her, “Everything will come into place if you put in the time and effort that’s necessary.” Michelle tells InterviewHer that her secret weapon is “being gutsy and not being afraid to take risks.” Last, Marianne advises to always have that one person you can go to who acts as a backbone. In her case it’s her parents, aunt Betty and of course her sisters, “You’re going to have a lot of questions and be steered in a million directions, and having that kind of support makes things a lot easier.”


Written by: Blair Cassuto

Edited by: Bridgette Larcada




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  1. Mina says:

    Thank you interview her for a wonderful write up. Xoxo Mina

  2. Ebony says:

    Great piece which really says it all these sisters are movers & shakers in Miami. Thank you for giving designers the opportunity to showcase.

    I love the images of the ZOEYKA collection in this article.

  3. Mina says:

    MINA MIAMI BEACH is recognized from Trade Show Magazine as top boutique in the US!


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