It Takes Two…

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The stereotypical high school best friend process is an all too familiar story.

They meet as teens, become best friends and discover shared interests. High school ends, life begins and eventually they lose touch.

Not so much for Susie Canino and Patty Gonzalez, they have been friends since high school and while their relationship was not apsphotography romance, they would definitely compare it to that of a marriage. Since starting their company, PS Photography, in 2005 these two friends have turned their relationship into a business partnership. Now it is their purpose to capture moments every romantic dreams of, and then some.

So how do these duel-entrepreneurs keep their company from running off the rails? Although they don’t agree on every decision, the business partners can find common ground in one important area: they both insist compromise is imperative for success. They say full transparency and honesty are absolutely essential for a healthy business relationship. The grounded duo acknowledge it’s important to be honest when striving for perfection, and agree they must accept honest feedback to allow their work achieve its maximum potential. And while going at it alone may allow for more control when running a business, it’s not an approach either lady dreams of. “There’s no way we’d be where we’re at if we didn’t have each other,” Gonzalez asserts.

So where are they?


Last year, PS Photography handled 40 weddings, in addition to various portrait sessions and corporate events. That’s well over four times as many weddings as they covered in 2005, the company’s first year of business. Photography aficionados since high school, Canino and Gonzalez pursued other professions after college, but ultimately, neither could keep her hands off the camera.

“It was something that we loved to do,” Gonzalez says, “Nowhere in our wildest dreams did we think that we could do this full time.” But as the ladies continued to snap pictures for friends, referrals for their services spread like wildfire. “It started getting out of hand,” Gonzalez admits.


And though the two did many free photo sessions for friends, the onslaught of referrals forced the duo to draft price points for waiting customers. Passionate about turning their profession into a hobby, the pair pursued the art of photography with fury, and built their repertoires through courses and the mentor-ship of professionals. Now, with a second business location opening, Canino and Gonzalez are more excited than ever for their company’s potential.

“We just always want to do bigger and better things every year,” Canino says. She emphasizes the most important aspect of their job is to make sure their clients are happy. If they maintain this mentality, these savvy business women are confident their company will continue to grow naturally. Keeping clients happy is definitely something Canino and Gonzalez know how to do.


First, the pair guarantee clients are purchasing the whole package when they enlist their services, “Our company is named PS photography for Patty and Susie and that’s what you’re going to get,” Canino says. Whether a destination wedding or engagement photos across the country, Gonzalez and Canino both travel with their clients to ensure both artists are present, rather than just one photographer complemented by a novice shooting partner.


Both women also harp on the importance of building a relationship with the client and making the subject feel comfortable in front of the camera. Whether shooting an intimate boudoir session or an eight-hour wedding event, these ladies know the trick to capturing the perfect shot is by radiating positive energy and allowing the client to de-stress. When the client is comfortable, that’s when they’ll snap the perfect frame, Gonzalez explains.

So now the story goes: girls meet camera. Camera meets client. Client sees photos and falls in love all over again. Now that’s what we call a recipe for happily ever after.

Written by: Mary Ronau

Edited by: Bridgette


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