One Stitch At A Time

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When walking into Lorie Lester’s design studio turned boutique, you’re welcomed by her graceful bohemian designs spread across the walls. If you walk towards the back, you get a glimpse of the behind the scenes work in her design studio that some might call a designers heaven. From sewing machines to fabrics galore, Lori’s studio has it all.lorie-lester

With a nightlife inspired clothing collection, Lester’s style is for the modern young woman who loves to strut her stuff along the lively streets of Miami Beach.  With different fabrics ranging from jersey to silk, Lorie’s imaginative and exclusive designs are made just for your body type and lifestyle. Whether you’re going to a big event or dancing the night away on a dance floor, Lester’s strong Latin culture has heavily influenced her designs since the beginning.

It all started when Lorie’s eyes were opened to the beautiful world of fashion. “I was always into clothes,” she explains, “but it wasn’t until I graduated high school that I decided to go to the Art Institute in Downtown Miami.” With a background in costume design, Lorie had learned to adapt to the constantly changing fashion world that she had been raving about since she was little.

lorie-lester“Growing up in the southwest area of Kendall, there were a lot of local designers who were really talented,” Lester dishes, “I started to intern with them, and realized that Miami was the perfect place for me to be.” After she had met a freelance pattern maker (and totally hitting it off) Lori turned her bedroom into her very own designer’s headquarters with nothing but two sewing machines, a cutting table, and strong determination. Then, she decided to take matters into her own hands. “I just got in my car and drove around to many different stores trying to sell them my product,” Lorie explains, “overall, there was a good response, but I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to be.”

After opening her own “pop-up store” in Art Basel, Lorie began to look for design spaces in Miami’s very own Design District.  She discovered a hole in the wall located in the back of a building, and began wholesaling her items. “Since the rent was so expensive downtown, we thought we might as well open up a store on Biscayne Boulevard as well,” she tells us. With the help of her parents and a small business loan, both the wholesale company and her store generated income to lift her off the ground.

lorie-lesterGetting the word out is an extremely difficult task- but for Lorie, it was as simple as hiring one person who would help change everything. Tara, Inc., a PR company Lester hired for local advertising has proven to give more buzz than Gossip Girl herself! “When we did our grand opening, they were so well put together,” Lorie conveys, “There were write ups in every magazine, a channel 6 segment, and we were on Deco Drive; It was expensive, but worth it.”

Immersing herself in the fast paced business, Lorie knew this was for her all along. “There’s never a right time for anything,” Lester declared, “you just have to jump into it and never give up.” One really difficult task for Lorie was weeding out the people who were going to work for her. “Finding someone with the same vision and passion as you is hard, but when you find that person, it’s all worth it.”

Facing obstacles such as bouncing checks, and orders that wouldn’t fall through, Lorie admits to wanting to give up many times throughout this whole process. She tells us she couldn’t have done it without her one support system: her family. “They saw my passion and drive for it and were there for me every step of the way, and for that, I’m extremely grateful.”

Written by: Blair Cassuto

Edited by: Bridgette


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