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Memory maker, Patty Nash, is a Florida photographer capturing more than just moments. She has an artful eye and an attitude of gratitude that keeps her clients happy and her services in demand. Patty is able to form relationships with her subjects andpatty-nash then translate them into art. The love she has for photography is evident in each portrait whether it’s a wedding, a birth, a family or a celebration.

When did you first decide to start your own photography company?

PN: About 8 years ago I was part of “Corporate America” and was very successful at what I did then. After having my first child I lost interest of that world. It was a very lucrative business and the training that provided for me was priceless, but my heart was not into it any more. A very good friend noticed my change after I came back from maternity leave.  He actually drove me to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and told me: “go and pursue your dream”. I came back home that evening to tell my family I had registered and was starting back to school the next evening.

How long after you started photography would you say it took you to master it?

PN: I do not believe that the art that you follow is ever mastered.  I believe the Maters that we recognize today got the name because they did some amazing creations with very limited tools.  I could not consider myself a Master. I work daily on learning and getting better at what I do and love and always try to push myself a bit more to experience new concepts, techniques and fields.

What exactly led you to photography?

PN: Photography has always been in my blood and body. I grew up around old cameras my grandfather had and capture my younger years with pictures of everything that happened around me. I always loved photography and just wish I would have got into it full-time earlier in my life.

In the beginning what was the most difficult part about the whole process of opening up your own company and studio?

PN: I believe that any new business struggles through the financial issues. You want to do SO much but have to keep a budget and restrain yourself; otherwise you will have everything you wanted (tools, studio, location, equipment) and very little cash flow to keep your business going. It is imperative to keep a balance and short-term goals, especially at the beginning.

How many hours did you work in the beginning vs. now?

PN: LOL! I never, ever stop. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel this is work. I mean, I am passionate about what I do so I truly enjoy doing this all the time. I love it. I am a workaholic. My family jokes about it even during vacation I get ideas for shoots, lighting, textures, and locations. Photography is my life!

What kind of photography do you do vs. what you did when you first started?

PN: When I first started I was focused mainly on family and children portraits. Then, I did my first wedding and I was hooked. So the range is pretty wide now, I truly enjoy photographing people and the different stages of their lives.

What are some things we can learn from your experience?

PN: Give and be nice. It will always comeback to you tenfold.

How do you describe success?

PN: To me success is having a good balance in your life. I think it has to do with your mind and how great you feel about yourself.  It is in each of us to be successful and no one can take that away.

Are there any great books that you have read to help you run a successful business?

PN: I read, “doing what you love and loving what you do” some 15+ years ago and I still can go back to it. I like reading books that are inspirational and encouraging, just wish I had more hours and days to do it more often.

What keeps you motivated to do better?

PN: My children. They are my biggest and strongest motivator. I want them to be proud, to feel good about pursuing their dreams and learn the feeling of accomplishment.

What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

PN: Go after your dreams, keep practicing your craft and excel at the business side.

Give us a memorable story of something amazing that came out of having Patty Nash Photography.

PN: I have been able to touch families in a very special way, specially families with special children.. it is something that I was involved with while preparing my portfolio for school graduation and I felt very proud of it then. As time passed I was faced with the news that mine was one of those families. In a way it was a preparation for what we have to encounter as a family and today I feel I have been doubled blessed and extremely fortunate by having my little girl. Patty Nash Photography put me in contact with these special families and their children and it was in a way a personal training in dealing with the every day issues of having a special child.

Can you describe your different packages to us?

PN: Well, we used to have packages and due to the changes on the economy we changed that too. Now days all of our services are a la carte and the reality is that our clients are happier choosing what they want. We provide them with something unexpected and include little surprises.

Describe your clientele.

PN: Most of our clients are fun people, professionals, well educated. People who enjoy good life, good food and like to travel the world. They enjoy and appreciate art. They usually take nice vacations and like to spend quality time with their family and friends. They are trustworthy and down to earth and have a lifestyle.

Give us your 5 most amazing tips!

-Know your craft and practice it every day.

-Know your clients and treat them as if they’re the only ones you have.

-Surround yourself with good people who you can learn from and grow with.

-Know the “business” part of the business… Know your books and numbers.

-Whenever you can, give back. It’ll always come back, do not worry about when.

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