Planning A Party?!

May 05, 2011 2 Comments

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Ingrid Adolphs has taken her childhood passion and turned it into a business. No, wait. Not A business. THE Business. Adolph’s business, The Event Production Company, specializes in all aspects of event planning for weddings, corporate and social events.

After making the decision to start her own company three years ago, Adolphs’ small company has already begun to blossom. Last year, The Event Production Company put on a total of 16 events, and at the start of 2011, the company had already booked an equal number of events. Adolphs predicts her company will put on approximately 40 events this year. And she attributes it all to passion. “If you have the eagerness to get something done, you’ll get it done,” she says. Working hospitality was something Adolphs always wanted to do, and so…..she did.

Adolphs’ career path began in college, where she majored in hospitality. She began her career at the Four Seasons Hotels, a career move she calls “The Golden Key” to her current success.

At the esteemed hotel chain, Adolphs learned the best practices for customer service. “Everything I learned at the Four Seasons is basically the base for my company,” Adolphs says. She goes on to explain that The Event Production Company is “very much focused on offering a luxury….and it’s not a luxury because it’s pricey, it’s a luxury because it’s something that is tailored to your personality and taste.”


The Event Production Company creates custom events, specialized to suit each individual client. Adolphs emphasizes that you’ll never see a repeating pattern or design. And, the company takes care of every detail. “We are basically a one stop shop for events. We cater to all types of events, from weddings to corporate.”


Clients who drop by Adolphs’ office can get specialized coordination everything from food to decor and everything in between. “We do our best to always have a willing attitude to anything our clients request,” Adolphs says, emphasizing that her clients will never hear the word “no.”


The success of Adolphs’ company is in large part due to the legwork she put in during her first year of business. That year was filled with networking events, and creating contacts within the industry. Because of that work, Adolphs now has good relationships with vendors and partner companies, who she sees as her “allies.” Her understanding of their working relationship allows Adolphs to provide expedient pricing for her clients, and to sometimes score insider deals to lower the overall cost for her clients.


It’s Adolphs’ hands-on approach that makes her so valuable to customers. And while she wants to see her company grow, specifically expanding to be more involved with the design aspect of the business, Adolphs says she is content to grow slowly. More than anything, it’s important to always provide that personal care that has allowed her to obtain – and keep – so many clients.


Adolphs’ relationship with vendors also helped her pull off one of her most challenging events to date – a fundraiser for Japan. After seeing footage of the devastated country, Adolphs said she just “had to do something.” So with permission, she put the rest of her clients on hold for a week and focused all her energies on organizing a pro bono fundraiser for Japan. She managed to get everything donated – from the venue to the cleaning services, and pulled off a giant event. Throwing an event like that “felt really good,” Adolphs says, although it was a lot of work in a small amount of time. The ultimate mission was to get things done for the event. And Adolphs says it was very rewarding to see the human side of her industry. She says all the contacts she made “paid off for a great cause.”


With her pro bono event as an example, Adolphs emphasizes to new entrepreneurs that “no dream is too big. As long as you have the passion for what you do, you’ll get where you want to get.” Adolphs believes passion has been the main component to her sucess. She says, more than anything else, every single day, you have to inject passion into what you do.


Written by: Mary Ronau


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