Playing Big and Being Real

Mar 20, 2012 1 Comment

First glance at Angela Lutin’s blog and you’re thinking, ah saucy divorcee working on getting a saucier love life. Then you dig a little deeper. Blogger. Author. Motivational speaker. Master cycling instructor. Mom. Counselor. Ex-financier? Does this woman ever stop? Fortunately for her followers, the Mississippi native cum Floridian, says “not likely.” “I don’t sleep a lot,” she tells When would she have time? When she’s not leading other cyclists ten hours a week, or blogging, she’s spending time with her 12 year old son. Somewhere in between the chaos, she chats with about Angela Lutin’s essentials.


Angela’s most recent accomplishment was her motivational book, “Play Big.” “Play Big” explains the principles Angela has adopted in her own life to take risks and make her life her own, she candidly refers to the book as “My manifesto of how I live my life…and how I rolled the dice and I wake up everyday thrilled to be doing what I do.” She targets women in her age group or anyone who has suffered that famous “Should’ve, could’ve would’ve,” regret. And she has had a huge response. Angela’s main audience, is generally women ages 25 to 55, and she wants to inspire these women to be bigger and stronger. She tells that her readers and followers will frequently come up to her and say, “because of your book I’m playing big and taking risks,” adding that she loves to be quoted and tagged on or “I feel like I’m leading my tribe!” she says with pride.


Angela has taken a big share of her own risks, post-divorce, by leaving her job in finance and opening her own indoor cycling studio, and eventually merging with Flywheel sports. This is where Angela got her background in motivating, “I’m on stage with a microphone for an hour ten times a week,” she jokes, “I’ll tell you what, I’m not a fitness expert, I’m a motivational speaker!”

Blogging was a result of Play Big, and Angela uses her daily life as inspiration for her blogs. Using humor she chronicles her love life as she navigates through the ups and downs of dating in the suburbs. She acknowledges that choosing to make her life so public was a risk, but fortunately for her followers, she doesn’t mind poking a little bit of fun at herself and giving the dirty truth.

Angela knows that people aren’t perfect, and that’s okay, “people want real!” She tells, and between her nitty gritty blogs and self professed rants, she has a raw talent for being ‘real’.

What advice does Angela have for aspiring authors? Do your research, she stresses, and use your gut! Angela explains that while she had always enjoyed writing, she had stopped writing for a large part of her adult years. The book came to her very suddenly, she explains. In fact, the whole process of the writing, she says, only took about eight weeks. She spent time researching publishers and editors to help her book become what she wanted. If you want to get into writing, she tells, you have to take the first step. Use your intuition, and don’t be afraid to Play Big!

Written by: Robin Jacobs



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