Sense-able Thinking

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In Sense Miami is putting the social back into social media. This company, which focuses on trying to further other people’s careers through the sharing of techniques and resources, is a one-stop shop for all business owners. Nalene Rampersaud, the owner, has a strong goal of maintaining it’s reputation of being an all encompassing resource for whatever company in whichever stage they may be in. Her driven and relentless attitude has helped her become a successful woman by assisting others.

Born and raised in New York, Nalene was a “banker at nature.” Her first job was with Deutsche Bank conducting Internationalin-sense-miami Private Banking. She was then promoted to be an officer of the HSBC bank for their Corporate Institutional Banking department. Then, she decided to open up her own company in 2003, called “A South Florida Event,” which dealt with event management. And off she went again into banking but in 2008, Nalene decided that this was a perfect opportunity to become a life management style partner managing small businesses, real estate, and Social Media. Having a strong background in the banking industry as well as a fire for social media, Rampersaud’s experience in this particular field helped her to successfully aid other businesses to flourish.


In addition to monthly seminars that focus on how to start your own business, In Sense Miami conducts various networking events that are entertaining and stimulating. “I’m never in your face, but always in your head,” Nalene exclaims. “This is the motto that I use for my company. It means that you’ll remember us without us having to be overbearing.” In Sense Miami has a small staff of just seven people; however small, they are determined to accomplish their goals by always giving 150%.


“There are so many great ideas out there that you can never run out. My job is to get that message out there for the company in a way that will attract more business,” Rampersaud says. “Just being apart of their success makes me feel fulfilled because my success is their success, and vice versa.”


Her hope for the future women entrepreneurs of the world is the ability to look to each other as a resource and not competition. Nalene’s recipe for success is starting to build your network as early as possible. Her perseverant outlook on the business world is nothing short of admirable. As a committed and enthusiastic businesswoman, she proves to be an inspiration for those who are trying to become successful.

Written by: Blair Cassuto


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