Skye’s the Limit!

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In August 2011, a new line of swimwear burst on the scene in Miami. Candace Skye Swimwear, the product of the fashionable Candace Mehnert, was created in realization of Mehnert’s lifelong dream to own design her own line.

Candace Mahnert

Candace Mahnert

After spending a number of years working for a luxury label in New York City, Mehnert combined her move to Miami with another milestone: finally designing her own line. And where better to start in Miami, where there is such a high volume of women who love fashion and take a vested interest in their appearance? As Mehnert puts it: “What girl in Miami doesn’t want to be looked at?”

Both Miami and New York City’s culture and fashion tastes were critical influences for Mehnert. “I mixed that New York glamour with that Miami passion and color and I came up with my line,” Mehnert says.


In addition, Mehnert tells she wanted to create swimsuits that flattered women, and that inspired confidence in her clients. Because of that, Mehnert sells each piece separate – allowing customers the option to mix and match sizes. “You can’t be forced into a size that isn’t your size just because it fits into a package,” Mehnert says.


Besides crafting a product created from the highest quality fabrics, Mehnert also needed to pay attention to the business end of Candace Skye Swimwear. That meant registering a Web site, dealing with the IRS, and worrying about finances and buyers. Mehnert concedes starting a business can be intimidating at first. But Mehnert suggests speaking to lawyers and networking to learn as much as possible about the business side of the start up process. “Starting anything is trial and error,” she confides. Mehnert tells she operates with the mindset that there’s no right opinion, and every new opinion is a potential great idea. Still, it’s important to begin with a clear plan in both design and business. “Come to the table with a strong idea of what you want and a strong opinion,” Mehnert says. “But be open minded enough to listen to others.”

With her friendly demeanor and wise approach, Mehnert strikes the perfect balance of business savvy and creative minded. If you ask, we predict her new line will do just swimmingly.

Written by: Mary Ronau


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