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Style Strategist founder Tonya Evans works with clients to not only help them appear polished and professional, but also to improve their communication skills.

“I work with individuals with big dreams and big goals and big missions, to help them marry their style with their tonya-seavers-evansmessage,” Evans told, “My job is to make sure that whatever message you want to deliver to the world; you are always prepared, look confident and polished as you go out.” She has had her image and communications consulting company based in Miami, for three years. Evans believes what she does is essential, especially in this day and age. “We’re in the age of image. Your image is so out there that it’s got to look fantastic all the time.”

Her idea to begin Style Strategist came from an experience on a business trip. After her company executive’s luggage was lost, Evans was called upon to shop for his suit and prepare him for media interviews. “It literally was a fluke and I loved it so much,” she explained. Once she realized this is what she wanted to do, she took about a year to carefully consider and develop her concept. She decided that her background in corporate communications and public relations would not be enough, so she got her certification in image consulting from the London Image Institute. This training expanded her understanding of how fabrication and color work with color psychology, eye color, and skin tone. Evans explained, “I took a year to really hone my own message and then getting certified so that I could be the most professional when helping my clients.”

tonya-evansStyle Strategist offers a number of services, including figure analysis, essential image update, public speaking and image development workshops, and the total package, a complete blend out strategy. This package comes with a color analysis, two hours or wardrobe planning, 4 hours of personal shopping, and much more for $1500. The company recently launched a virtual program that includes a mini color analysis, a mini silhouette analysis, and four recommended outfits of clothing items she finds online. This three-hour consultation goes for just $350.

Evans biggest challenge with her business has been overcoming growing pains as her business began to take off. She said she experienced a point in which her business was not bringing in enough revenue, but she felt that she could use some extra help. Her simple solution combined virtual assistants who would work a set amount of hours per week and an intern until she was able to hire someone permanently. “I would tell people to start planning for it before is happens because I didn’t and then in the middle of it I was getting behind. Start thinking about the resources your going to need as you grow,” she said. As a female business owner, Evans finds it especially important to have other entrepreneurs as mentors. She explained that when things with your business are not going well, a mentor could recommend business and marketing ideas as well as help to keep you on track. “They can be you cheerleaders to help you get past those points and tell you that you can do it.”

style-strategistAlong with being a style and communications consultant, Evans is a sought after speaker. She delivers presentations to organizations about creating a winning workplace image, the impact of social media on image and brands, and conducting the adult image among many other topics. She was featured on NBC 6 and in Success Magazine as “one to watch.”

style-strategistStyle Strategist seeks to improve clients’ styles and communications skills through a number of services that focus on the individual’s specific needs and personal branding. Evans told that image is like a Tiffany box, “when you look at that box it communicates a message about what the expectation is. You’re expecting quality and you’re expecting it to be something beautiful that you will cherish; image is the same way. If you invest in it, people will always look forward to meeting with you because they’ll expect someone who is always professional and polished.


Written by: Erica Mink


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