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We’ve all had that moment where a sense of guilt overcomes us after we stuff our faces with a scrumptious meal from our favorite restaurant. Giving into our temptations, we usually compensate for our lack of judgment by telling ourselves that we’ll go to the gym every single day that week to work it off. However, with our busy schedules, we end up never going. Marcela Llodra and Veronica Menin, the founders of Conscious Bite Out, demonstrate the importance of keeping your body and mind healthy by the power of soul food- without the guilt.conscious-bite-out

As nutrition experts who studied at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York, both Veronica and Marcela became bored with the traditional political outlook on nutrition. These determined and enthusiastic women came together to find innovative ways to help people choose healthier lifestyles. “It has always been our passion to help our friends and family choose a better option when we go out to eat,” Veronica explained. “We thought that it was much needed to have a source of information that will help create an awareness in the community and inspire people to lead healthier lives, both mentally and physically.”

Llodra explains that the website’s purpose is to bring together a community of people who want healthier lifestyles by conducting a scrumptious dinner event. Both Veronica and Marcela team up with different restaurants that share in their philosophy of using local, organic and sustainable cuisine. “Before the dinner takes place, we meet up with the chefs to create a five course menu. Fish from Key Biscayne, shrimp from Key West, and vegetables grown at a local farm right near us ensure the freshness of each meal.” says Marcela. Their firm belief in the halt against the mistreatment of animals for food has helped open the eyes of their dinner guests to the magnitude of knowing where your food came from.


Minutes after sitting down, the guests are treated to an organic wine tasting. The chef then prepares a series of appetizers to be passed around the table. Both Veronica and Marcela cheerfully greet everyone with a speech that focuses on how they are able to better their own health with simple changes. In addition to these helpful tips, both women highlight the significance of being sustainable in your everyday life by being more attentive of the things you put into your body. Then, the guests are addressed by the chef, who before each dish is served, explains the nutritional value of each mouthwatering plate of food. “During the dinners, people can’t believe that what they’re eating was actually natural, extremely healthy, and fulfilling. Many people believe that if you want to become healthier that you have to eat these boring and unappealing dishes; we’re here to show them that that’s not the case.” Veronica explains.  As the dinner winds down, inspiration sets in; the guests are shown a health documentary to emphasize the importance of taking care of your mind, body and soul. Upon leaving, guests are gifted with a free goodie bag, including food samples and a free health consultation with Marcela and Veronica. The dinners, which started out with 30 people, has since tripled! At $65 an event, this affordable and inspiring experience is not something you want to miss out on.


When asked how their friendship has been affected since opening up a business together, both women answer with a smile. “Our business grew out of our passions, ideas, and already existing friendship,” Marcela clarifies. Their confident attitudes towards pursuing the same goal have strengthened their relationship, as well as their business. Their key to success? “Patience,” Veronica laughs. “Most people who start a business give up very easily when they don’t get immediate results; having patience and confidence that everything will work out makes a huge difference in determining the success of your business.”


Both women admit that they couldn’t have done it without each other. “If I had another partner, this would never be the same,” conscious-bite-outMarcela reinforces. “Veronica is an extremely creative, reliable, and dedicated person. She knows how to break big projects down into steps in an organized and efficient way.” Veronica explains that without Marcela’s perseverance and drive, she would be extremely behind. “Marcela is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. She has inspired me to become a better person. Her huge flow of positivity is extremely refreshing, too. We understand each other in regards to what we want, and we’re both extremely committed to it.”

Both Llodra and Menin’s strong work ethic and commitment to their business has proven to lead them to success. They teach us to embrace a new, unique perspective on how to become healthier in all aspects of life- one bite at a time.

Written by: Blair Cassuto



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    The story was really interesting. Wish more restaurants would come on board nationwide with conscientious menus with healthier offerings. A more informed public would make better choices. Thanks for bringing to light a resourceful intiative in the effort to make eating well attainable and fun!

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