The One-Two Punch of Pilates One

Apr 13, 2012 2 Comments had an opportunity to talk with Jeannine Bergman, founder and creator of Pilates One Studio in Coconut Grove. Jeannine explains what differentiates her studio from the hundreds of other pilates studios in the Miami area as well as how she built her company from the ground up.



Pilates, is Pilates, is Pilates, Right?

Wrong. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jeannine took her sixteen years of physical fitness experience and amped her


Meet the founder of Pilates One: Jeannine Bergman

specially tailored combination of pilates, cardio, weights, and kickboxing up to another level. Studying martial arts for ten years, specializing in Savate (French martial art/kickboxing), “I injured and wore out my hip socket, I couldn’t kick anymore…someone mentioned pilates, and I laughed.” She eventually gave in, and began training in Pilates, and after three months, “I began to see results”, the rest is history.

Pilates One offers an array of classes that incorporates a pilates fusion. Fusing kickboxing and pilates to create a mixture of cardio, resistance training, strength, and lengthening.

Jeannine tells her clients, “It’s Pilates One, because you only have one body, so you might as well take care of it.”


Getting Lean with Jeannine

Circuit Pilates: Aids in weight loss, toning, strengthening, and elongating the body. One Body Evolution is a style (pilates, cardio, and weights) developed by Jeannine that will aid in achieving the desired results.  This class consists of 20% cardio, and 80% resistance training.

Kickbox Pilates: Delivers a pack of a punch with its 25 minutes of kickboxing cardio burn and 30 minutes of pilates.

Classical Reformer: Basic, fundamental pilates, focusing on toning and stretching of the muscles.

“Every class that we do, we always tap into every muscle group…every muscle will get worked out…You leave the class feeling complete.”

Bridal Bootcamp Package: Are you a June bride? Jump into this program since its tailored for brides-to-be looking to whip into shape for the big day.

Baby Mama Pilates: Prenatal, postnatal, any natal, this class will be for you if you are a soon to be mother. Focusing on breathing techniques, stretching, and toning, with gentle Pilates movements to make your pregnancy as smooth as possible.



“My first studio, was my apartment.”

In 2008, Jeannine risked and invested her money into signing an  expensive apartment lease to pursue her dream. “My mom said ‘you’re crazy, you can’t afford that apartment’ I said, don’t worry about it, if I’m going to take a risk, I’m going to get a really beautiful place, so that people could feel like this is not like my home, so I turned it into this insane little spot.” Realizing that leasing a commercial space would be even riskier, she tested the Miami waters before taking the plunge.

While living in LA for eleven years, Jeannine privately trained and with A-list celebrities such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Mark Wahlberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ozzy Osbourne, Pharrell Williams and the likes. As a Miami native, she returned to south Florida to start her own company where her clients could come to her, as opposed to her traveling with them.

“I knew no one in Miami, besides my best friend.” Starting up a company is hard work alone, but starting up a company that relies on word-of-mouth referrals, with limited contacts, is even harder.

“I got one girl, I got two girls coming, three girls, four, five, seven girls a day, that started coming to my apartment. I remember the Association asked one day ‘what are you guys doing up there? These girls come out really sweaty!’ …That’s when I knew I had to move to a commercial space.”


Present Pose

“My first [leased commercial space] was about 500 square feet, and I shared it with a friend she’s a belly dancer…after about four-five months I outgrew the space, and then I moved into this current space. I was sharing a space that was not expensive at all, and then I made a times three jump, in here,…so nervous all by myself. I’m just going to do it, I’m just going to close my nose, and jump into the ocean. I’m going to just go for it. And I’m going to be fine. I’ve always been fine, why am I not going to be fine now?”

Pilates for Hotties

You can’t mention Miami without a shout-out to the Heat, both weather wise and Miami’s local basketball team. When inquired what local celebrities have visited the studio, Jeannine says “Lebron James, I trained him for a few months, and Mario Chalmers, he came for like a month and a half straight. One time I had Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade [in the studio]…it was really nice….I studied a game, and I realized how much their ankles get a beating, and how tight their shoulders are.” Jeannine has the ability to tailor any program to focus on specific target areas.

Zen Wisdom

“Start little by little…just go for it, if you really believe it, don’t hold back. Just go. Don’t start too big. Test it out, it’ll bring your anxiety level down. You might lose a few thousand, but hey, a few thousand beats a few hundred thousand. I understand the anxiety because I had a lot of it in the beginning.”

In closing, Jeannine says, “Never lose the fear, you should always have a little bit of fear. It makes you work that much harder. It makes you not get so comfortable in the business, it always makes you look and see what you need to do, to make it better and give to your clients a little bit more than what’s expected.”


Written by: Fumi Takashina



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