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“I live with a constant guilty conscience,” says Francine Delarosa. The self-proclaimed “mompreneur” goes on to explain: When she works late hours, she feels guilty she’s not with her children. But when she’s with her children, she feels guilty that one of her customers might need assistance.give-wink

It’s easy to see how Delarosa might find her attention split between two priorities. A mom of three, Delarosa is also the busy owner of Give Wink children’s boutique, which provides home décor, toys and accessories for children of all ages – from infancy to preteen.

Give Wink began as an online store but acquired its storefront in Miami when Delarosa began to feel her online business was overtaking her personal life. And while balancing work and home is a crucial part of Delarosa’s lifestyle, guilt is probably one emotion this businesswoman should not concern herself with.


Delarosa also runs “Give A Wink,” a charity that operates hand-in-hand with her online and retail store.

When reflecting on her company, Delarosa realized her client-base was composed of those fortunate enough to afford “luxury” items, such as furniture and décor for their children’s rooms.  But she couldn’t help but think of those parents who are less fortunate. There are multiple parents who struggle to provide formula and diapers for their babies, they can’t afford routine medical exams, and “luxury” items are not even an option.

give-winkAll things considered, Delarosa decided to form “Give A Wink,” and for every purchase a customer makes from her Give Wink boutique (online or store-front), the store donates an eye exam to an underprivileged child in South America.

That charitable attitude and Delarosa’s family-oriented ideals are themes embedded in her business.

Delarosa says she samples new products on her own children, and seeks out toys that can be used to bring families together during playtime, such as board games. Toys that teach are the ones that attract her, rather than those that “just light up, make noise and take up space.”

But Give Wink is more than just a toy store. At Give Wink, Delarosa says a customer can take a room from completely empty to completely furnished. That means frazzled parents-to-be can find everything to outfit their new nurseries all in one place. “In essence, you come in and you don’t have to leave,” says this enthused store owner.


Perhaps one of the most defining aspects of Give Wink is the contemporary aesthetic of the design. Parents can decorate their nurseries in something other than traditional baby colors. Delarosa says that in the past, “if you were having a girl it had to be pink, if you were having a boy it had to be blue, and if you didn’t know it had to be yellow duck.”

give-winkShe realized the potential market for modern baby décor, and combined her passion for design with her retail experience.

“Starting a business is always a risky undertaking,” Delarosa says. She says the keys to a successful business are to start slowly, have passion, and hopefully have a solid support system.

Written by: Mary Ronau

Edited by: Bridgette


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