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Maria Tettamanti’s buzzworthy voice rings strong through her Miami community. A freelance journalist whose copy lands in themaria-tettamanti pages of some of the city’s powerhouse printers, Tettamanti also maintains a personal fashion and lifestyle blog called The Wordy Girl. Though not a Florida local, Tettamanti is definitely in-the-know on Miami’s social scene. Her blog reads like a non-stop Miami Beach party supplemented with witty phrases and clever asides. Think beaches, glitter, wavy hair, cool shades, flowy outfits and tips on weight-loss strategies. The Jersey local is quick to share her savvy style advice on everything from hair and makeup tips to her favorite stationary, designer labels and more. In fact, if you need her, you can probably find her at Neiman’s, drooling over the latest Louboutin’s. But if not, she’ll be on the Web, and in the pages of every publication (who’s any publication) in the Miami area.

Q: When did you decide to start The Wordy Girl? 

A: I started my Miami-based fashion blog in October 2011. It was time for me to have a special place to share the stories and trends that I loved with the rest of the world.


Q: What were you doing (professionally) before The Wordy Girl? 

A: Before and currently, I am a freelance journalist for The Miami Herald,, The Huffington Post and Aventura Magazine. I also teach educational workshops with my business, Working Girls, with my partner Nikki Novo. I also manage the social media, write press materials and blog on behalf of several Miami-based businesses.


Q: What motivated you to get into blogging?

A: As a journalist, I witnessed first hand the sluggish change toward web-based jobs. My instincts, while loyal to print, were to go toward blogging and writing online content. Ten years later and BAM! Blogging is the new black. You can quote me on that! I am NEVER unsure of my gut feelings and you shouldn’t be, either! One’s intuition is always spot-on.


Q: Where did you grow up?

A: I actually grew up in a small Victorian seaside town called Cape May in N.J. (Insert fist pump here). I consider this of the Universe’s greatest gifts to me.


Q: How do you describe your blog to strangers? 

A: Designer fashion sprinkled with style, travel and personalities — all written in my ridiculously zany voice.


Q: What’s one of your favorite blogging moments?

A: I once received a really nasty comment from a reader who basically told me I was fat and had a bad dye job. And so I responded in a really loving way — because I never do “mean.” I don’t read mean. I don’t get mean. The outpouring of love from readers, friends and family was pretty mind blowing.


Q: In what ways do you try to inspire readers?

A: I try to bring a dollop of humor into every piece I write. Laughs aside, I hope I inspire women (especially those with children) that dressing chic is still possible after kids.


Q: Tell us about a difficult situation that you had to overcome? 

A: It goes back to people posting negative comments on my blog…at first it really hurt my feelings but the reality is, I’m not every one’s cup of tea and that’s okay.


Q: What other blog-related work do you do? 

A: I offer freelance writing and social media services to companies I gel with.


Q: What are some of the fabulous perks you get because you are Maria Tettamanti? 

A: Ha! I never got into blogging for the perks. Like all good things, the perks arrived in an organic manner. Being on The Today Show as one of Miami’s top fashion bloggers is the zenith as of now. Bravo TV, hello? I’m here!


Q: What else are you currently working on? 

A: Nikki and I are hitting the World Wide Web with our blogging workshop and it will be available online soon. Besides that, I’m also traveling to some of the most crazy, insanely cool countries…pinch me. I’ll be certain to blog about it.


Written by: Mary Ronau



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