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“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away” as stated by the late, Eudora Welty, American writer and photographer. Photographs have a way of capturing a moment in our lives that allow us to relive it with a single glance. What better place to have a Shutterbox Photo Booth than at festive occasions such as a wedding, birthday, or even a company event. had a chance to chat with Lindsey Zucker of Shutterbox Photo Booth to find out the inner workings of the latest craze of this so called “photo booth mania.” If you have not already, you will see many events start to incorporate a photo booth as an added spotlight to their shindig.

Snap Start

“My husband and I were both working corporate jobs, that just weren’t satisfying us. We weren’t getting ahead the way that we wanted to. I had my son, and I decided to be a work-at-home mom. Our friend came to us with an idea. He already had Shutterbox in Chicago. He has developed the booth, and had a great business, and wanted us to start in south Florida. So that’s where we were introduced to Shutterbox.”

With its sleek, all black design “our photo booth, when it is all folded down, it fits anywhere…that is one of our advantages. When it is all set up, it doesn’t look like an eyesore in my opinion. It definitely fits in.”

“We are a higher end photo booth company, although our prices really are right in line with our main competitors. One of the main things that I think differentiates us from our competitors is our photo graphics. When the photos print out themselves, we can actually customize that. The quality, there is a big difference in quality.”

Mustaches, It’s Not Just for Hipsters Anymore

With accessories such as mustaches, glasses, leis, hats, and pretty much anything you can fit in there (which is a lot, up to ten whole bodies) the theme and character is yours to decide. Unlike the traditional sitting photo booths we remember at the local skating rink and malls growing up, Shutterbox introduces their photo booth as a “standing” one. Which is a plus since everyone can pile in and get their face in the frame.

“Whenever our guests walk into the booth, they can actually choose black or white or color photos. It depends on what the guest chooses.” The final product photo strips are either the 2×6 inches with two identical strips or the 4×6 inch photo with several different photos (3-6) onto it.

Having a photo booth allows even shy guests to muster up the courage to take photos whether in a group or by themselves, during an event. Even if they get camera shy, the line that they most likely just waited along with other guests for their turn will encourage them to jump in a take a shot!

86,400 Seconds in a Day

Why not use ten seconds of it to process your photo? That is all it takes.

“You go in there, push the button, take your pictures, have fun, and then when you step out of the booth, within ten seconds, the photo strip actually prints out from within the photo booth. Which differentiates us from our competitors a lot. Most of the time, they may have a printer to the side which to me, kind of diminishes the purpose of having a photo booth. It loses some of that nostalgic quality for me.”

In an era of “right now”, who has time to wait for pictures to be developed? We appreciate Shutterbox for thinking about our needs as an instantaneous society.

Turning Negatives into Positives

“Starting out, as anyone will experience, the financial side is really scary because you’re giving up what little you are making in the corporate world, and starting this new venture.” On an up side, “I will say to all of those companies that are in south Florida, we really have an advantage, that we can really reach at least three different counties. So, you have to look at it like that. We were hoping that between all three counties, ….that we couldn’t find enough events.”

“The whole money thing, we’re still struggling with that, you want to expand, you lay out cash, and then it’s like you feel like you play catch up. It takes a while to catch up and really see that return…there’s a lot of hidden costs that you have to think about as an owner.”

Another aspect of having your own business is employees. Since there is only one of you, many times, a business requires for outsourcing of help, which results in enlisting the paid help of others.

“Our growing pains really came with employees. Because you really need to find employees that represent you well and that is something we did not want to overlook….if something goes wrong and someone is not happy, especially with the internet these days, they can spread it everywhere that your company did x, y, and z. We would never want anyone to be unhappy with their photo booth experience. That’s the last thing they should be worrying about on their wedding day or corporate event.”

Final Frame

When asked by “what have you learned the most, from having this company?” With a thoughtful pause, Lindsey proceeds “really, that it’s so worth the risk. I mean it’s just been so worth the risk. If you’ve really thought of every angle of how this company you’re wanting to start, could fail, if you’re thinking of every way it could succeed. If you know every angle and it’s just so much worth the risk. We’ve seen so much benefit to owning our own business. Just the pride of ‘this is what we’ve done, this is what we’ve accomplished.’ Being flexible with family life, I’m not going to sugar coat it. We work a lot, but at the same time my husband drops my son off everyday to school and I’m able to pick him up.We’re able to go to soccer practice, and be more flexible….If you have a product and you know you’re priced right…and you know how valuable your product is, stay there. Stay confident in that and don’t get shaken. Not every person is is right for your product. It’s always long nights talking for Rob and I just talking about things, and how to grow, and how to continue to be the best.”


Written by: Fumi Takashina


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