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There’s a time in almost every girl’s childhood where we remember playing with make-up. Then, we incorporated it into our kiddie purses that we carried around pretty much everywhere. In those purses that never left our side, we had ridiculously bright Miami-sky-blue eyeshadow, and matching bright flamingo pink lipstick shimmer. Also in those purses or even our pockets,stacy-reid everyone knew about Bonne Belle’s Lip Smackers flavored lip pomade. From flavors such as cherry, vanilla, watermelon, cotton candy and the infamous Dr.Pepper. Collecting all flavors and displaying them proudly, was almost a rite of “girly” passage. When we’re young, we’re mesmerized as to how they got the creatively concentrated essence of fruits, candy, and drinks into a small compact idea such as chapstick (not to mention fruit scented highlighters.)

In search of a product that was both reminiscent as well as functional Stacy Reid, founder and creator of TINte Cosmetics, took that mesmerizing concept from childhood into adulthood. “I loved beauty, I loved lipgloss, ….I was obsessed with the newest hottest lines that would come out. That was always a passion of mine since I was a little girl, and I used to have these flavored lip glosses, and I was crazy about them.”


Make-Up or Break-Up

Stacy tells Interviewher.com as to how her Company came to be. Living in Los Angeles, Stacy came to Miami on a business trip with her then current job as a Sr. Acount Executive at Lucky Brand Jeans. On a night out on the town at Mynt Lounge in Miami Beach, she met her now husband, “I was actually putting on lip gloss because I was that obsessed.” Continuing their relationship long distance, “we dated for a while, and he asks me, ‘what do you want to do where we can be together?’ ….I had this idea of actually bringing back my very first lip gloss that came in a vintage slider tin.”

“If I brought those [vintage slider tin lip gloss] back, everyone would remember them because they were so popular when I was growing up. There was a missing element [in the market], a fun element….fun memories and simpler times.” Mustering up her inspiration from childhood, and the drive to be on the same coastline as her future partner, she birthed TINte Cosmetics.


Beauty in 1-2-3!

Stacy lets InterviewHer.com in on what main steps she took to get where she wanted to be. “I wasn’t in beauty at all, that industry was totally new [to me], although fashion and beauty kind of go hand in hand, the beauty industry was really different for me when I first started, so I had a big learning curve there.”

  • Step One:

“The first step was that I attended a trade show. I figured out what I wanted and what I didn’t want my Company to be. So that first trade show I went to kind of clarified everything for me, it solidified what direction I wanted to take our Company.”

  • Step Two:

“The second thing I did, was coming up with my colors, my ideas, my designs, my packaging, my logo, everything like that, and getting that trademarked…so that when we’re ready to go, everything was squared away.”

  • Step Three:

“The third thing is that I had to secure some financing as well. I was lucky to have start-up money of my own, and also, I was I was able to work with the SBA, [Small Business Administration] to get a loan for women who own their small businesses.”

Stacy admits “Honestly, I thought I could do it for a certain amount, and I needed quadruple the amount to get it done, because everything we did was custom, and that was a little bit more expensive to get up and running. You have to get everything in line. Have your vision, present it to a bank, get funding, and go from there. From concept to launch, everything took about one year.”

What’s Your Flavor?

tinte-cosmetics“I would come up with the colors I wanted, the ingredients I wanted, and then you definitely team up with a lab. They have more insight on the raw materials, and things like that. There is a lot of testing with our initial launch. I wanted everything to be perfect. The color, the taste, everything had to be perfect.”

Being that the entire line of TINte Cosmetics was born from the drive to be with one another, founders Stacy and her husband Matthew had to include a lip balm called Mynt Kiss in homage to their serendipitous meeting place.

Flavored Lip Shines: Multi-moisturizing and nourishing properties enriched with Shea butter, this lip shine boasts fun flavors such as Coconut, Pink Lemonade, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Haute Chocolate, Peachie Sheen (no relation to Charlie), Cake, and Double Bubble.

Flavored Lip Colors: Your childhood lip balm, in tin form. These nostalgic flavors like BlackBerry Jam, Cream Soda, and Peppermint, come in vintage slider tins that will offer your lips color and coverage you’re sure to enjoy. All glosses and lip colors are paraben free (yay, Stacy!)

Match Book Collection: Remember stealing your mom’s sample eyeshadow and lip color kit with all of the different colors of the rainbow? Steal no more. These compact booklets come with two eye shadow colors (a base and contour shade), a cream eyeliner, blush, two lip glosses and two brushes. With shimmering face pearls and a bath and line to come, stay up to date with TINte.

tinte-cometicsParting Kiss of Advice

“At the very beginning, we got into all of the stores that we wanted to, except Fred Segal. I had my eye on it since before we launched, I had to be there. That was my destination for TINte, and so I worked with them a couple of months, and then they said ‘oh, we’re going to hold off, we’re going to hold off’, and to me, I was devastated. But you just keep going on. Six months later, they came back to me and said ‘yes, we’re ready.” So things do turn around for you, if you just keep going and you don’t let anything take you off your main goal and your main vision of what you see your company being, or where you see your company going, you just have to keep going no matter what happens….keep your eye on the prize.”

  • TINte Cosmetics is looking for entrepreneurial women who would like to share their products with their family and friends by becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant, if you have any interest go to tintecosmetics.com/beautyinsider for details!

Written by: Fumi Takashina




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