Tips From Ana Mari Ortega, owner of MAYI Collection

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  1. Be organized! Have all your ducks in a row before you start to sell! Make sure to have a sales tax license from the state, make sure to register your business, whether it is an LLC or Sole Proprietorship. It’s a lot easier to start off on the right foot then to have to go back later and get organized.

  2. Get a good accountant! As unglamorous as it sounds, accounting is key to the success of a business! I am lucky that my mother is a CPA, so she helps me with the books. Without proper accounting, you really don’t know if you are making money. Trust me, this is key.

  3. Be prepared to wear many hats! I do EVERYTHING for the business. I am designer, creator, saleswoman, marketing director, shipping manager, website administrator, customer service representative, bookkeeper, and so on. Many parts of the business are not fun but necessary.

  4. Keep overhead costs as low as you can! I have a great space in my house where I can have my studio. If you can work from home in the beginning you’ll save a lot of money. Don’t hire people unless it is necessary! I would love to have an assistant, and maybe I could afford one, but I don’t need one.

  5. Stay motivated! It is really easy to get discouraged when you are working alone. If something goes wrong usually you feel like it’s your fault. It is so easy to get discouraged, and I have been so many times. But stay motivated and think about the end result!
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