Tips From Danielle Glirten of The Cupcake Diva

Jun 09, 2010 1 Comment
  1. Cupcakes are not to be shared!

  2. Always be gracious to your customer. I believe that if someone has a good experience they will tell five more people, but if they have a poor experience they will tell twenty-five more people.

  3. Fresh and high quality ingredients may cost more, but they make all of the difference in the world. Pay the extra money!

  4. Bake with love and you can taste that in the product. Bake with a bad attitude and you’ll undoubtedly get the same tasting product.

  5. Any chance you get, watch a child eat a cupcake. It will be the most delightful, happy and pure moment you’ll ever experience.
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  1. tina in baltimore says:

    4. a. Cook with sass and you get Cupcake Diva cupcakes!! Best cupcakes ever!

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